Hannah Allison Letter to the Editor

To the Editor of the Liberty Champion:

I am writing to thank you for publishing Macy Hrncir’s article “CVS puts a stop to Photoshop” in the February 20th publication.  The standards that beauty culture portrays and the feelings of inadequacy that stem from them are so prevalent among college-aged women.  Highlighting CVS’s new initiative not only brings attention to their positive efforts, but to the matter overall.

As a woman, I fall into the category of those most targeted by these unattainable social standards, and it is encouraging to see the step CVS is taking.  As a student in the Strategic Communications program who studies movements like Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, seeing companies with local influence following suit is welcome.  As Christians, we believe that our beauty comes from being made in the image of God, not from measuring up to false standards that come from Photoshop.  This article prompts further dialogue, and as a member of the Liberty University community, I thank you.



Hannah Allison

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