Chris Tomlin Brings Popular Worship Songs to the Vines Center

Liberty’s Vines Center transformed into a house of worship for those attending the Chris Tomlin concert on Feb. 23, hosted by Student Activities as a special event during College for a Weekend.

To kick off the night, Tauren Wells — former frontman for the Christian pop-rock band Royal Tailor — opened for Tomlin. Wells energized the crowd with his dance moves and upbeat songs such as “Never Gonna Let Me Go” and “Undefeated.”

Wells, who is outspoken about his belief in Jesus Christ, spoke a message of hope to students, both current and prospective, and some parents who were in the crowd for CFAW weekend.

“I believe that the hope the world craves can only be found in Jesus,” Wells said. “We can spend our lives searching the world all over and miss the most life changing reality, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.”


When Tomlin took to the stage, he began by addressing God first before interacting with the audience and diving into a session of singing various worship songs.

During this time, Tomlin encouraged everyone to stand up from their seats to turn the Vines Center into a dance party with his song “God’s Great Dance Floor.”

As the night continued, Tomlin addressed the audience by passionately sharing his belief with them that when people see the greatness of God they will not be able to help but start singing.

“Worship is about seeing with our eyes more than singing with our lips,” Tomlin said. “Tonight I pray that you have been able to see more of the grace and goodness of God in your life.”

For the first time in front of a live audience, Tomlin also performed one of his newest songs titled “Resurrection Power.”

“This song to me is everything,” Tomlin said. “It’s the reason we are here tonight. It’s the reason for Liberty University. It’s the reason there is a church, the reason we have a hope to sing tonight—this is the resurrection power of God.”

As a whole, Tomlin made it clear that there would be no room for hopelessness at his concert.

“I surely don’t have it all together, and you don’t have it all together,” Tomlin said. “But we worship a God who holds us together.”

Before the night came to an end, Tomlin thanked Liberty for its hospitality and closed with a time devoted to some of his most popular worship songs including “Good Good Father.”

“I pray that when you walk out of this place, no matter what the world is trying to label you that you know above everything that you are a loved son and daughter of the Good Father,” Tomlin said.

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