Impressionistic paintings of local artist Lois Virginia Babb on display at Liberty

  • Green Hall Art Gallery displays work of Lois Virginia Babb, a Bedford County artist who often paints the natural beauty local scenes.
  • Babb discovered her passion for art in high school, and she left a career in public relations to pursue an art career full-time.

It may be late October, but wild lavender and tiger lilies are still in full bloom, and you can find them in Green Hall 1855.

Alongside 22 other paintings, “Wild Lavender” and “Tiger Lilies” comprise a retrospective exhibit of scenes brought to life by the brushstrokes of Bedford County artist Lois Virginia Babb.

On display in the Green Hall Art Gallery until Nov. 4, “Impressions of Life, Lois Virginia Babb: A Retrospective” is an eloquent glimpse of the artist’s appreciation for the world’s natural beauty and her desire to convey it with her life’s work.

“Art is a process in which you become a lifelong student,” Babb said.

For Babb, the process began more than 50 years ago. She was working on a textile painting in her high school art class when she became aware of an intrinsic passion for artistic expression.

“My teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Lois, I have to go home now,’” Babb said. “I looked around and the classroom was empty. The whole school was empty, except for us. It was 5 o’clock and I hadn’t even heard the bell ring.”

Babb went on to study fine art at Radford University, and in 1987 she left behind a career in public relations and advertising to pursue a full-time career as a professional artist.

“Painting had developed into a passion that just wouldn’t go away,” Babb said.

Now at age 73, Babb continues to capture the beauty of ordinary moments in vivid color.

While she loves to travel and capture scenes of Europe and the southeastern coastline of the United States, she believes there’s no prettier place than home, which is clearly depicted through many of her landscape pieces displayed in the exhibit.



She’s never been keen on painting traditional portraits, though. Rather than capturing the essence of a distinct individual, Babb paints her figures to possess universal emotions that audiences can resonate with.

“As an art major, it’s inspiring to see the work that went into these paintings,” senior Faith Daniels said. “Skill like that doesn’t just pop out of thin air. It’s a progression.”

As she spends time among the paintings, Daniels said she finds herself appreciating the small details that enhance the larger work and reflect the artist’s spiritual roots.

According to Babb, her Christian faith is what has guided her to where she is today.

“I don’t think I could have lived this life without my faith,” Babb said. “When you leave the business world for full-time artistry, there isn’t a regular paycheck coming home with you every week. But I felt very early on that I was following the Lord’s will with my decision, and everything worked out.”

This is not the first time Liberty University has seen these reflections in Babb’s artwork, however.

A member of the Blue Ridge Plein Air Painters, Babb was one of the first contributors to Liberty University’s permanent art collection, featured in “Foundations: Building the Liberty University Art Collection” in Green Hall.

“If you paint from the heart, that should convey itself in your work,” Babb said. “I hope that people might somehow be inspired in their own life’s work as they’re looking back at mine.

To keep up with her travels and latest paintings, follow Babb on Facebook at

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