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‘Sweating for the Wedding’ teaches brides-to-be how to get and stay in shape

WORK IT — Students on the program will meet three times a week, with two workouts and one health session. Photo Credit: Francine Longie

WORK IT — Students on the program will meet three times a week, with two workouts and one health session.
Photo Credit: Francine Longie

The Liberty University Recreation Center is offering a new program for brides-to-be who are looking to get in shape for their wedding day and stay in shape long after.

Sweating for the Wedding is a training program that will meet three times a week to provide participants two workouts and one educational session with a health and behavioral coach, according to the Campus Recreation site.

Lydia Marchesani is the personal trainer leading the program and saw the opportunity that the campus presents for the success of the event.

Marchesani knows that many girls use their engagement as motivation to get in shape.

“As much of a great motivating factor as this is, it’s important to implement healthy behaviors long after the wedding day,” Marchesani said.

“I wanted to create a program that would not only help girls feel confident on their wedding day, but also help them start healthy lives with their soon-to-be husbands.”

The goal of the program is to give participants the knowledge and motivation to allow them to look and feel their best both on and after their wedding day.

Marchesani believes this will be a good program for the university because of the large population of engaged students.

“There are so many people who get engaged each semester, and Liberty is known for the amount of students who get married even before they graduate,” Marchesani said.

“I hope that the participants can learn how important it is to make health a permanent fixture in their lives.”

The program is going to be focused on high-intensity workouts with moderate weight
training incorporated.

“This form of exercise allows you to get a great workout in a short amount of time and can usually be done with little to no equipment available,” Marchesani said.

The program is specifically for engaged women, and no experience with this form of exercise is necessary.

The hope is that in future semesters, similar programs can be offered for couples to take part in together.

This program is available for $75 per person and will be held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from March 20 to April 28.

Applications for the program can be found at the LaHaye front desk and must be completed before March 15.

No payment is needed at the time of application but must be submitted by March 17 if participants want to guarantee their place in the program.   

Merchesani believes teaching this type of exercise will allow participants to continue to use the skills learned, whatever their futures may hold.

The workouts are specific in helping burn fat and building strong muscles to lead to the desired look most girls imagine for their wedding day.

“I hope that the girls will learn about great workouts and eating habits that will help them reach their goals, but will also help them take care of the health of their future families,” Marchesani said.

“I hope that the information they acquire during this program can be implemented for years to come.”

WHITTAKER is a feature reporter.

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