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Pharmacy delivers prescriptions for free

With the start of the fall 2016 semester, Hill City Pharmacy is partnering with Liberty University to provide free pharmaceutical delivery to faculty, staff and students.

Bryan Moody, president of Hill City Pharmacy, is looking forward to the opportunities the program provides.

“We’re delivering to faculty and staff right there at their desk,” Moody said. “We’ll bring it right to them wherever they work. We also deliver to students, which is a huge help to freshmen who can’t drive.”

The program is a part of Liberty’s new healthcare plan with Central Virginia Family Physicians (CVFP).

CENTER — Hill City Pharmacy, located on Greenview Drive, offers free delivery of prescription medicines to all Liberty students. Photo credit: Devin harris

CENTER — Hill City Pharmacy, located on Greenview Drive, offers free delivery of prescription medicines to all Liberty students. Photo credit: Devin harris

If the prescription is acquired through a visit to the student health center on campus, the process of delivery is seamless, but the service is also available through other healthcare providers.

“If (students) go to the health center, they already know what information we need and will send that to us,” Moody said. “If they go anywhere else in town, all they have to do is call us and give us their information.”

Moody said the service features same-day delivery. In addition, if customers need a recurring prescription, they can set that up through the Hill City Pharmacy app, which is available in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

“Once the student has received a delivery, they can put their information into our app, and they can do automatic refill, or they can tell us when they need it,” Moody said. “Once they touch it on the app, it comes straight to my pharmacy, and that’s for faculty and staff as well.”

Delivery is free, but customers should expect to pay the same co-pay they would pay with any other pharmacy.

“Their co-pay will stay the same,” Moody said. “If it’s $10 elsewhere, it’s $10 here.”

Students are also able to receive a discount on non-prescription medications in the store, according to Moody.

“We’ve got things like cough medicine and over-the-counter medications, and with their student ID they get 20 percent off,” Moody said.

More than that, customers can also have anything in the store delivered as long as it is bundled with a prescription medication.

“As long as they are getting a prescription delivered, we’ll deliver anything else from the store with that, and they can order that straight from the app,” Moody said. “If they want a Coke or honey lemon cough drops, there is no additional fee to bring that to them.”

Hill City Pharmacy has been open for six months and aims to be different from the “big-box pharmacies,” according to their website.

“We’re locally owned by me, my wife and my family,” Moody said. “We’re excited about servicing students.”

Hill City Pharmacy is located at 1215 Greenview Drive in Lynchburg across the road from the Cornerstone apartment complex.

They can be reached by phone at 434-237-2221. More information can be found online at hillcitypharmacy.com.

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  • It’s good to know that some pharmacies don’t have delivery fees. That is extremely nice, it just depends if I can find one that will deliver to my work. If not, I’ll just stop by one on the way and go through the drive-tru.

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