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LaHaye Student Union offers several events throughout the month of April

From fitness to fun, the LaHaye Student Union has been hosting more than 100 different events annually for many years, according to Sam Seaborn, the assistant director of the LaHaye Student Union.

Seaborn said the role he plays in these events is to inform the LaHaye staff of the events approaching in the near future, answer questions people may have, and reach out to those planning the events. According to Seaborn, the goal for hosting these events is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.

engage — LaHaye Student Union encourages students to accomplish their fitness and lifestyle goals through workshops. Photo credit: Kallie Britton

Engage — LaHaye Student Union encourages students to accomplish their fitness and lifestyle goals through workshops. Photo credit: Kallie Britton

“I think a lot of it is … to help people (and) encourage people too,” Seaborn said. “It’s just good for the mind and the body. … We wanna promote what we have to offer.”

Heather Callahan, the fitness coordinator for the LaHaye Student Union, said LaHaye wants to engage its members in its culture.

“We strive to provide quality services to our patrons, and through these programs, we can really get them excited and involved while enhancing their overall well-being — socially, spiritually, mentally, and physically,” Callahan said.

In preparing for the events, the co-workers of LaHaye meet together to discuss different needs and logistics. Callahan said an outline is also created for the individual events and the staff involved with it.

“The prep work for each event is unique to the event, but they all need some form of marketing, outlining and staffing,” Callahan said.

According to Callahan, the Bench Press Competition has been an event hosted for more than 10 years now. Callahan said some other regular events are the Flow Arm Balance Workshops and the Inversion Workshops. She said that LaHaye typically tries to balance different events that hold innovative programs to intrigue its members.

“When you purchase a LaHaye Student Union membership, you have the opportunity to utilize a variety of recreation facilities including the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, Thomas Indoor Soccer Center, David’s Place and Outdoor Pool,” according to the LaHaye Student Union page on Liberty University’s website.

Seaborn said some of the other events coming up include a Wellness Series Event April 19 in the aerobics studio about caffeine and whether it is a dangerous supplement or whether it enhances an individual’s performance, and a log-rolling competition at the David’s Place pool on Liberty’s campus April 19, 21, 26 and 28.

“The fitness programs coming up are the … Bench Press Competition on April 23 and the Flow and Myofascial Release Workshop on April 30,” Callahan said.

Callahan said the events for each semester are planned before the semester starts. Jamie Swyers, the associate director of fitness and programs, gathers together events from different parts of the department at LaHaye and puts them into a programming calendar which is made available at the start of each semester.

For more information about these events, go to https://www.liberty.edu/campusrec/.

Ramey is a feature reporter.

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