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Sadly, this is the last edition of Tich’s Take ever.


Unfortunately, I do not get a farewell tour like Derek Jeter, but I do have this last bit of space in the paper, so let’s do this thing.

Ever since I hit “publish” on my first blog post when I was 14, writing my own column in a newspaper was one of my dreams. Somehow, I lucked into getting this space to write about whatever I wanted to as a 22 year old and it has truly been a blast.

Not only is this my last column in the Champion, but it is the end of my college life. The real world is imminent. No more Convocation, meal swipes or living in a small room with two other people.

So since it is all over and I have a column to write things, I figured I might as well give some advice to some of the younger readers out there who may not be as old and decrepit as I am.

Here it goes.

My first bit of advice: be flexible.

Being tied down in college is a formula for not enjoying college, especially within the first couple years. Freshmen and sophomores, stay as far away from the opposite sex as possible — at least in terms of “dating.” You will never have more freedom in your entire lives than your first few years of college. Do not limit yourselves by being tied down to a guy or girl back home or even at school. This sounds harsh, but just trust me.

Secondly, have fun.

The foremost reason people go to college is to get an education. And never forget that. Classes are important. Homework is important. Extra curricular activities are important. But college is the only time you will ever live with your best friends and have hours upon hours of free time to do whatever you want.

Sometimes you will be forced to choose between a spontaneous weekend trip with friends and working on a project. Always go on the trip. You will probably forget what that project was about within a few weeks, but you just might remember something that happens on that trip for the rest of your life.

Once, one of my friends was deciding whether to stay in town to do some schoolwork or go on a trip with me and a few other friends. After eating some Chinese food, he opened up his fortune cookie and it literally read “Soon you will go on a trip with friends.”

This actually happened. And I remember that trip to this day. Sometimes you have to listen to the fortune cookie.

Lastly, watch and play as many sports as possible.

Just when you thought this column was getting a little too sappy and too far away from its roots. Never forget the magic of sports even when things threaten to get in the way.

The cool thing about college is that there are probably dozens of people with the same likes and dislikes as you out there on campus somewhere. Find people who root for your teams and make friends with them. This is not hard.

That is all I have for you. Game over.

TICHENOR is the former sports editor.

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