Glad to be a graduate

After five years at Liberty, Charles Snellings reflects on his past experiences

As graduation approaches, seniors prepare to walk into the next phase of life. Each student claiming his or her degree has a personal story with unique experiences. Among these seniors is hardworking fifth year senior Charles Snellings.

FINAL STRETCH — Charles Snellings will graduate Saturday, May 9. Photo credit: Leah Seavers

FINAL STRETCH — Charles Snellings will graduate Saturday, May 9. Photo credit: Leah Seavers

Similar to many students, Snellings said God directed him to attend Liberty. While God ultimately dictated his choice, Snellings also credits his family, primarily his grandmother, with influencing his decision.

“My grandma was diagnosed with cancer my sophomore year of high school,” Snellings said. “She went into surgery and they said she had a one percent chance of making it. And she lived from that for almost a year. I didn’t know how to function because my mom and her were the two people who raised me. So to preserve her memory, I wanted to do everything I could to let her live on and make her proud. That’s a big reason why I wanted to come to Liberty.”

Snellings left his hometown, Chincoteague Island, Virginia, and began his five-hour journey to Lynchburg, Virginia. Once he arrived, Snellings noticed a distinct difference between Liberty and other schools nearby.

“My favorite part of being at Liberty is how accessible our higher ups are,” Snellings said. “I have friends that go to the University of Virginia or Southern Methodist University, and they can’t tell you who their chancellor is or who the dean of students is. They know who the department dean is, but they don’t know anybody really above that.”

With the Virginia native less than two weeks away from graduating, Snellings reflected on his bumpy ride through college as it comes to a conclusion.

“The reason I’m graduating, not to be cliché, is because of God,” Snellings said. “I went through a couple times when I didn’t know if I would come back, but here we are in (a few) days, (I’ll) be walking across the stage. My time at Liberty is the biggest testament to my testimony.”

Snellings is on his way to receiving his awaited degree in Biblical Studies, with a minor in English.

Virginia has been his home his entire life, but his end goal is to make it to New York City and work for a magazine company.

Throughout his time at Liberty, Snellings picked up a few tips and tricks he wanted to relay to incoming freshman.

“My advice to freshman would be: only take general courses your first year and a half,” Snellings said. “Within my spring semester and the fall of my second year I was taking 300 level Bible courses. I would have switched my major if I had taken general courses and not been so far in. Just take general ed(ucation) classes and deal with them, then know what you want to do your four years. Don’t take five.”

Snellings will walk across that stage May 9. Although, there is a little fear of the uncertainty that lies after college, Snellings believes with God in his corner and a diploma on his wall, he is ready to tackle whatever the world outside Liberty has in store.

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