Former Gov. Jeb Bush to speak at Commencement

Liberty University officials announced today that former Florida governor and potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush will speak at the school’s 42nd Commencement Saturday, May 9.



Jeb Bush, 62, was elected as Florida’s 43rd governor in 1998, serving two terms from 1999-2007. He is the first two-term Republican to hold the position of governor in Florida.
“Liberty University is honored to welcome Gov. Jeb Bush to campus for our 42nd commencement exercises,” President Jerry Falwell said. “Throughout his years of public service, Gov. Bush has been a champion for excellence in education and so many other issues of vital importance to our university community.”
During his time as governor, Jeb Bush was well known for his education reform. Recently, he is known for his support of Common Core. Jeb Bush also campaigns for comprehensive immigration reform, and he is a strong gun rights advocate.

The former Florida governor announced Dec. 16, 2014, he would “actively explore” a run for president, though there is no specific timeline for an official announcement. Jeb Bush formed a leadership political action committee Jan. 6, 2015.

Jeb Bush is the younger brother of former president George W. Bush and is the son of former president George H.W. Bush, who addressed Liberty graduates in 1990.

Jeb Bush graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Latin American affairs and served as Florida’s Secretary of Commerce before being elected governor.

Commencement will take place in Williams Stadium at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 9.


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  • If I were part of the graduating class, I’d find a way to protest his appearance or not attend because of his Iraq war criminal older brother, Bush Jr.

    • @Mark – Comments and thinking like what you posted above are exactly what’s wrong with America and our educational system.
      If you would like to protest, then I suggest you find a real issue worth protesting – like the hundreds of people murdered for their beliefs and ideas by extremist groups like ISIS in the past month – or the thousands of women and children held in sexual slavery – or the fact that 1 in 6 Americans (49.1 million) lack access to food.

      • Hey Nick, I did find an issue to protest, much to your dislike. Ha ha so what. This is the USA and Americans have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to speak our minds. If you don’t like opposing viewpoints, maybe you should NOT comment too.

        I am quite surprised LU actually allowed my comment about their presidential ally stay on so a thank you to them and you too Nick for the reply.

        BTW, ISIS is an Al-Qaeda off shoot created by the GW Bush/USA 03 Iraq invasion.

  • Hey Mark, is it George W who’s speaking at LU or JEB? Even if Iraq really was as bad as you think, is Jeb the guy behind it??? Perhaps you should be condemned for all the things your mom, dad, cousins did wrong. Makes sense, eh?

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