Why Biden does not qualify

Joe Biden said in an ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos “there is a chance” that he will run for presidency in the upcoming 2016 election. Although he said it through a laugh, there is no way to know if he will run until the end of summer 2015, according to Biden.

Taking a look at the past seven years with Biden as the vice president of the United States, there have been countless cringe-worthy moments. Biden has been caught in many inappropriate situations, and I have not always agreed with his decisions regarding our country.

Beginning with some not-so-good decisions that Biden has made, it should be mentioned that he has his own list of “Top Ten Joe Biden Gaffes” on Time Magazine’s website. The magazine labels this list as the consequences of “foot-in-mouth disease,” as Biden has made several jokes that have been completely out of line.

Remember when he told a senator to stand up and wave and then realized that the senator had no legs? Or perhaps you remember when he made derogatory comments about how he believes only people with Indian accents work at 7-11s or Dunkin’ Donuts? These are only two times Biden was completely insensitive with his words.

I know we all mess up and let things slip sometimes, but his “slips” are getting to be a bit old. When he makes crude remarks in front of the public, it shows that he is not exactly caring when it comes to people other than himself. Selfishness and constant slip-ups are not attractive to Americans who will be voting in 2016.

Despite the repercussions of his loose tongue, there is no way to say that Biden has not been involved in big decisions all over the world during his time in office. We all have our mindsets concerning the government, and there is always bias going into the way we feel about what a politician has done. Yet, I believe that the decisions he has made have not always been effective.

The Atlantic, in its article “Joe Biden: The Most Influential Vice President in History?” describes multiple important decisions Biden has made behind the scenes. One decision Biden was in favor of was the government bailout of the Big Three auto companies in America. The government decided that since these companies were failing, it should take control and help them.

Less government means more freedom for businesses, and that means the freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed. Therefore, if businesses are failing, the government should allow them to fail. Of course, it is difficult to feel this way when I know there are families affected by the failing of a huge company, but the government should not bail out certain companies if they are not going to bail out others.

Due to the crude remarks and interference in situations where the government does not belong, I do not support Biden as a presidential candidate. This is not only because I am a believer that the government needs to be more autonomous, but also because I do not respect Biden as a person. Biden has made decisions I do not agree with, and he has also chosen to say things in public that were embarrassing to witness.

As president, not only do behind-the-scenes decisions matter, but also the way that the individual in power acts in public. Biden may have been involved in more important decisions than most people would remember, but he is not a reputable politician. For the country that I proudly live in, I do not want a president who has his own ever-changing “Top Ten Gaffes” page on the Internet.

DIAZ is an opinion writer.

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