Graduate passes in sleep

Twining loved family, friends and laughter

Jeremy Twining died Feb. 1, 2015, at the age of 21. Jeremy Twining was the second oldest of four children, with one older brother, Jonathan, 23, and two younger siblings, Jessica, 19, and James, 13.


Jeremy Twining graduated from Liberty University in 2014 with a degree in criminal justice, aiming to become a police officer, like his father had been for 23 years, according to Jessica Twining. While Jeremy Twining took online classes for the last few semesters, he still exercised and trained mentally and physically, according to Jessica Twining.

Jeremy left a legacy at Liberty summed up in one phrase: laughter is good medicine.

It was something Jeremy Twining knew all too well, and something his friends were never short in supply of when around him. Jeremy Twining’s life was a model of encouragement and a special blend of smiles.

According to Andrew Claudio, a close friend of Jeremy Twining, being around him was a guarantee of smiles and laughter.

“He just knew how to make you laugh,” Claudio said. “He always brought a light to the room. You knew it was going to be a fun time if he was there. He was the most encouraging person I had ever met.”

Claudio shared about Jeremy Twining’s ability to joke around, but also have the ability to turn on a dime and encourage the person if he suspected they were having a rough time. Being able to laugh and comfort anyone was a standout quality.

Claudio shared his favorite memory of Jeremy Twining when he, Jeremy and a group of friends were spending a day at a local fair, and Claudio was going through a tough time. Jeremy Twining noticed and told Claudio that he was surrounded by friends who loved him and were praying for him.

“That’s who he was,” Claudio said. “He was the guy who made sure everyone was OK, everyone was smiling. It’s still kind
of surreal.”

Jeremy Twining’s younger sister, Jessica Twining, remembered his love for family and friends, playing with and aiding each member of the household, no matter what it was. According to Jessica Twining, Jeremy Twining invested his time in the people who he came in contact with day in and day out.

“Jeremy was very family-oriented, always making sure we set time apart for each other, (whether it was) playing video games with James, shooting guns with Jon, or fixing cars with dad,” Jessica Twining said. “As siblings, we were all very close, and my parents invested so much into raising him into the godly man he grew to become. He loved Jesus.”

Jeremy Twining was a big sports fan, according to Claudio, and enjoyed watching the Florida State Seminoles, having been raised in Dade City, Florida.

“He loved fitness, loved football and loved hanging out with friends,” Claudio said. “As far as he and I were concerned, we were big into sports, though I don’t imagine it was fun for him watching the Rose Bowl.”

The Florida State Seminoles lost to the Oregon Ducks 59-20.

Jessica Twining highlighted a favorite story that occurred one night when she had experienced a rough week.

“I remember one Sunday, after I had a difficult week, he asked me what plans I had for the rest of the day, followed by the words, ‘Be ready at 6,’” Jessica Twining said. “Without answering any of my questions as to why or what, I was ready at 6. He showed up at the door, all dressed up and with a bouquet of flowers in hand. He then proceeded to take me out to Olive Garden and a movie, all the while focusing on me and showing genuine interest in his little sister.”

According to Jessica Twining, Jeremy Twining will always be remembered as one with a caring attitude and a constant source of laughter.
“He was caring, diligent, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, hardworking, driven and lighthearted,” Jessica Twining said. “He had a heart as big as the sky, and I daresay he did more in his 21 years than most people do in a lifetime. He is finally at the foot of Jesus, forever worshipping the savior to whom he gave his life.”

VAN DYK is the news editor.

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