Farewell from feature editor

Sam Campbell graduates, reflects on experiences at the Liberty Champion

Standing in the doorway of each new semester, I am always overwhelmed by the classes, papers and projects that lay ahead of me. I find myself anxious and uncertain of my abilities to conquer the next 16 weeks.

Goodbye — Editor graduates. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

Goodbye — Editor graduates. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

But the start of this semester was different. I was more nervous than I had ever been before. I was going to be the feature editor for the Liberty Champion — and that terrified me.

It seemed too big of a task, too much work. Honestly, I thought being on the newspaper staff was only for the brainiacs, the overachievers, those who wished to commit educational suicide. Simply put, it just seemed too hard.

When Mrs. Huff encouraged me — several times — to apply for the position, I had already made up my mind. I was not going to do it. I did not have the time or the talent.

But somewhere in the midst of all those negative thoughts, I said yes.

My final semester at Liberty has come and gone, and as I look back over the past 16 weeks, I cannot believe what I have been able to accomplish. God has stretched and challenged me in so many ways. He has given me so many unique and amazing opportunities, ones I would never have experienced if I had turned down Mrs. Huff’s offer.

So not only do I thank my heavenly father for blessing me with this opportunity, but I also need to thank Mrs. Huff. Thank you for teaching me, for pushing me. But most importantly, thank you for believing in me. This experience has taught me more about writing than any classroom ever could.

I also want to thank the entire Champion staff. After spending many weeks together inside a tiny office, chowing down on Domino’s pizza and listening to epic battle soundtracks (compliments of Josh), you guys have become some of my closest friends. Even though the work was hard and stressful at times, I enjoyed coming into the office each week, knowing there would always be a few good laughs.

As I say goodbye to Liberty and the Champion, I cannot help but wonder what God has in store for me next. The future can be a scary thing. But as this chapter in my life comes to an end, I can rest assured, knowing God is already holding his pen. He is ready to write.

All I have to do is turn the page.

CAMPBELL is the feature editor.

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