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Gary Habermas speaks on theological topics of resurrection and afterlife

More than 50 people came out to the Jerry Falwell Library Terrace Conference room Nov. 6 to hear Dr. Gary Habermas lecture as a part of the faculty book series. From 5 to 6:30 p.m., Habermas lectured on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the afterlife and near-death experiences.

Habermas, who has either authored or edited more than 35 books and has contributed to more than 100 articles, spoke on the subject of one of his books, “Beyond Death.” The lecture focused on the afterlife as Habermas discussed three important questions: Is there evidence for an afterlife? What would that look like in Christianity? What role does an afterlife play in the lives of Christians?

Worldview — Gary Habermas lectured and answered questions from crowd. Google Images

Worldview — Gary Habermas lectured and answered questions from crowd. Google Images

Students listened as Habermas prompted the crowd with theological and philosophical questions to make them think critically.

“Next to the question of God, the question of the afterlife is probably the most important question you can ask for framing this world,” Habermas said.

Habermas also explained the importance of belief in an afterlife.

“An afterlife isn’t just for Christianity, but it is an important worldview question,” Habermas said.

Along with lecturing about the afterlife, Habermas took time to share part of his testimony about how the resurrection of Jesus Christ saved him from his own doubts earlier in life.

“If the resurrection is true, then Jesus’ teachings are true,” Habermas said.

Habermas is currently working on his 40th book. Twenty of his books are about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“The resurrection not only shows there is an afterlife, but also what kind,” Habermas said.

After teaching on the resurrection, Habermas went on to lecture about near-death experiences. He shared many stories about near-death experiences that happened to his own friends and colleagues.

After the lecture, Habermas continued to answer questions from the crowd regarding beliefs of other theologians and pastors, and even answered questions about near-death experiences of family members of those in the crowd.


For more information on Gary Habermas, his books or his theology, visit The website includes additional information on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, near-death experiences and doubt. also offers two free online books.

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