Students get first look

Cinematic Arts Department hosts third annual film festival at no charge

The Zaki Gordon Center for Cinematic Arts will host its third annual film festival Aug. 28-30, featuring professional guest speakers from the industry along with applicable information on details such as production, screenwriting, new releases and question-and-answer sessions.

According to a news release from the university, the event is open to the public, and admission is free. Students do not have to be involved in the industry to attend.

“Everyone loves movies.It is a currency of conversation,” Scotty Curlee, an assistant professor at Liberty’s Cinematic Art’s Department, said. “This festival is a great opportunity for students to engage with the film program and get to know VIP filmmakers while watching never before seen movies before their national release.”

Panelists and speakers such as Senior Vice President of AFIRM Films Richard Peluso and Aaron Burns, producer of “Beyond the Mask,” will also be featured in the festival.

The never-before-seen-movies that will be uncovered at the film festival include “Beyond the Mask,” “Brother’s Keeper” and “The Remaining.”

According to the film’s website, “Beyond the Mask” is a movie about an East India Company assassin running from a buried past who, in the midst of love, comes face-to-face with the secrets he tried to forget, and eventually finds freedom.

“Brother’s Keeper” is a story of forgiveness triumphing over revenge when twin brothers find themselves in a treacherous situation of life and death. According to the film’s website, it presents the audience with question, asking if revenge is the answer.

According to the news release from Liberty, the third is called “The Remaining.” The film depicts an unraveling series of events against those who remain after the rapture to face a merciless and cruel enemy of destruction.

“The Remaining” is supposed to take viewers to a place of thinking on salvation and what it really will be like in the end times.

Graduates of Liberty’s Cinematic Arts Department will also be incorporating their own screenings into the festival, according to the news release, making the event a time of learning for current students seeking to gain wisdom from those who have gone before.

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