International enrollment grows

Students visiting America from other nations now make up 8 percent of the university’s residential population

With Liberty University being the largest evangelical university in the world, it is little surprise that international enrollment is steadily increasing, according to Liberty Dean of International Student Program William Wegert.

He explained that 8 percent of students are international and choose to come to Liberty because of the campus community, the academic programs and the overall Christian atmosphere.

According to Wegert, billboards and television commercials for Liberty might not be as accessible around the world as they are in America, but the school is still promoted by other means.

“I am amazed by the number of students that find out about Liberty by the Internet,” Wegert said. “Growing representation and branding abroad is contributing to our growing enrollment. International recruiters and faculty that travel abroad promoting the school do a fantastic job.”

Ontario native Emily Kerkhof stated that she chose to come to Liberty because Christian universities are limited in Canada.

“I first heard about Liberty University at a music festival that I attended in the states,” Kerkhof said. “My sister also went here, and I really liked it. I am a biblical studies major, and I plan on staying in America after graduation.”

Anyone looking to meet international students just needs to step inside the International Students Center located on the second floor of DeMoss Hall. Inside awaits free coffee and fellowship opportunities with fellow students from around the world.

“I chose to attend Liberty University because of what it represented, and because my sister came here and loved it,” senior Mitchell Ferguson from the Bahamas said.

Dan Cooper, biblical studies major also from Canada, explained that, after receiving a Master’s of Arts in Religion degree online, he knew he would need more school and knew Liberty was the place for him.

“Liberty is (affordable), and it’s a great school with a phenomenal program,” Cooper said.

Cooper explained how he knows at least 12 students that came to Liberty from his home church alone. He said the opportunities are endless to connect with fellow Canadians from the East Coast.

According to Wegert, Liberty’s program has attracted students from more than 70 nations. Korea is the most represented country on campus, and Canada is the second most represented.
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