Red Out Event

The Liberty University Bookstore parking lot became a gathering place for students Thursday, Sept. 5 as they watched Seventy One, a campus band, perform during the Red Out Event.

The aroma of Starbucks coffee wafted around the event as approximately 75 students crowded around to listen to the medley of Christian songs being performed by the band.

“We wanted to do something different,” Kathy Scarborough, general manager of the Bookstore, said. “This is a pep rally. We had one band playing for the entire two-hour event, encouraging everybody to get the red out.”

According to Scarborough, the Red Out Event was held to help build excitement among students for the football home opener.

“(This is our) first time ever doing this type of pep rally,” Scarborough said. “Everyone is getting a red glow stick that they should crack at kickoff.”

The red theme could be seen through the refreshments that were served at the Red Out —Red Punch and Red cookies.

While the students enjoyed the music, they had the opportunity to receive discounts through social media.

“Like the bookstore Facebook page and receive 25 percent off any one item for the duration of the night,” Scarborough said. “We advertise a lot of great deals on the Facebook page.”

According to Jay Bisaga, the bass player and backup singer for Seventy One, he enjoyed the chance to perform for the student body.

“This was the first type of event like this that we have ever played at,” Bisaga said. “We mostly play churches and youth retreats. This is pretty awesome so far, actually having people come out to listen to us.”

Carissa Smith, a bookstore employee, said she thought this was a good way to display new products at the bookstore.

“(It is) pretty cool to see the band and see everyone come get excited about the game,” Smith said. “We have a lot of new merchandise since last year with the logo change.”

According to Smith, because of the event, a lot of students crowded the bookstore, which does not usually happen on a Thursday night.

“Yes (there was a) definite increase in sales, (because we are) usually not busy toward the end of the night,” Smith said. “The photo booth and the glow sticks are pretty popular.”

The chance for the fans to get excited and get some of the pre-shopping done before the big game on Saturday, Sept. 7 is a great opportunity, according to Smith.

“Game days are always busy with people flooding the store,” Smith said. “It’s nice to spread it out. The Flames game day T-shirt is our most popular item that we sell. I would recommend that corporate does this event again.”

According to a bookstore employee, after each football game the Flames win, the university bookstore offers a discount the following Tuesday of up to 25 percent – five percent per touchdown – for any item on the upper level of the store.

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