Just Dew it

Stelzer brothers take top two spots

The Liberty ski and snowboard team participated in the fourth-annual Dew Games Saturday, April 27.

These athletes performed a variety of tricks at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, competing in six events for $15,000 in prizes.

Skiers and snowboarders took part in events such as men’s and women’s snowboarding rail jam, men’s ski rail jam, men’s and women’s snowboarding big air and men’s ski big air.

When evening came, the field was narrowed from 43 to roughly 20 riders competing for podium spots in their respective events. Calling the event was former Olympic snowboarder and broadcaster for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, Andy Finch, who praised the venue.

“It is a perfect training facility during the summer,” Finch said. “Normally you have to go somewhere overseas, and even that is not for the whole summer.”

Liberty student Jessica Woody stole the show during the women’s snowboarding big air portion of the competition, executing several flips off the ramp, amazing even Finch, who pleaded for someone to sponsor the rider.

The men’s side featured a duel between brothers Jon and Tim Steltzer. The Steltzers, who are also Liberty students, finished first and second on the snowboarding rail jam, with Jon barely edging out Tim. Jon also finished second in men’s snowboarding big air, coming up one big trick shy of completing a snowboard sweep for the night.

The Dew Games concluded the season for the ski and snowboarding team

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