40 years of Roe v. Wade

As Liberty University celebrates 42 years of “Training Champions for Christ,” the pro-life community mourns 40 years of lives lost.

Roe v. Wade, legislature that “held unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion to be unconstitutional,” according to Britannica, was passed in 1973.

Though the 2012 figures have not been released, according to the Virginia Department of Health, there were 25,404 abortions performed at recognized facilities within the state during 2011.

Of the 25,404 abortions, three were performed within Lynchburg City.

Though Roe v. Wade may seem to have been the downfall of the pro-life movement, it was actually somewhat of an opportunity, according to Janelle Basham, director of the Liberty Godparent Home.

“It is a sad day,” Basham said. “Knowing that over the past 40 years, we have lost a whole generation. But our mission is to save a life, while changing another.”

The Liberty Godparent Home began 31 years ago after a journalist confronted Jerry Falwell Sr. about his action within the pro-life community.

“The journalist asked Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. what he was offering to these young women, so he took that vision and put it to action,” Basham said.

“(Roe v. Wade) made it possible for there to be centers like the Godparent Home,” Basham said. “We give hope to women who think they have no other options, when in reality there are a million families willing to adopt these babies.”

During 2011, the Liberty Godparent Home assisted 12 women in choosing life over death for their child, and since its commencement in 1982, the center has helped nearly 1,000 women, according to Basham.

“Our goal is to be there for these women,” Basham said. “We will always be a part of their lives, whether they choose parenting or adoption. We will be there to help them celebrate in recovery and get back up if they ever fall down.”

Basham came across the Liberty Godparent Home when she was 16-years-old and facing an unplanned pregnancy.

“For me, Roe v. Wade is very real,” Basham said. “I was faced with a decision. I could end my pregnancy, but I found the Godparent Home, and I knew that there were options. I did not have to get an abortion.”

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Basham urges the Lynchburg community to be active concerning their beliefs.

“For us, everyday is a day to remember,” Basham said. “Instead of just being pro-life, we have to think about those lives. You could be speaking for the child who is going to grow up and change the world.”

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