Blood drive

Liberty partners with Virginia Blood Services

Students and faculty filled the back hallway of DeMoss Tuesday, Nov. 26 for the final blood drive of the semester.

Virginia Blood Services, a local blood bank that coordinates with Liberty University, hosted the blood drive. Even late into the afternoon, students were lined up, waiting to give blood.

“I was nervous to give blood because this was my first time, but it was fine and didn’t hurt too much, and it was really easy,” Liberty junior Katelyn Welch said.

Many students had a sense of apprehension toward giving blood.

According to Melanie Campbell, an account manager for Virginia Blood Services, fear and anxiety is the number one reason for their hesitation.

Campbell, a Liberty graduate whose parents teach at the university, was overseeing the operation. According to her, the blood bank’s efforts at Liberty have been very successful. The first Virginia Blood Services blood drive at Liberty took place in October 2011.

“Liberty students are fantastic. They come out for no other reason than to give blood,” Campbell said. “There’s no need for incentive, even though they sometimes get extra credit and what have you.”

According to Campbell, the Virginia Blood Services is local to Virginia.

“We serve three of the level-one trauma centers in central and southwest Virginia,” Campbell said. “We also serve several smaller hospitals.”

Campbell also addressed a common point of confusion among students, namely, that her organization is not the Red Cross, nor are the two groups affiliated.

“We’re a local blood bank. The Red Cross is a national blood bank,” Campbell said. “We’re all serving the same purpose and saving lives.”

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