Intramural sports constantly improving

Finishing touches — Construction nears completion on new intramural facilities located under the Liberty Monogram. Photo credit: Greg Leasure

From basketball to broomball, athletic-minded students are always looking for a sport to get involved in, and the Liberty University Intramural Sports Program works to accommodate them.

Given the growing number of students who participate, Liberty has added more intramural sports options and a number of new facilities to host these sports.

“The large number of student participation has influenced the growth of the new intramural sports facilities,” Ed Barnhouse, Liberty’s Director of Intramural Sports, said. “When I came to Liberty in 1994, there were five sports: basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer and softball, and there were only two facilities that we used. We have added more than a dozen facilities and we offer more than 20 sports for the students to choose from.”

Barnhouse also said that Liberty’s construction over the summer included the Liberty Mountain Intramural Complex, which will host four additional fields that can be used for flag football, ultimate frisbee or softball.

“There is also a natural grass softball field that will be located at this complex, and two additional volleyball courts will be added as well,” Barnhouse said. “All of these new facilities that were being built over the summer are complete, minus the completion of the new Liberty Mountain Complex, which will be finished later this month.”

Liberty strives to provide the best college experience possible to its students, and these intramural sports programs are just one way they do that, Barnhouse said.

“From what I understand from my friends at other colleges, Liberty’s intramural facilities are some of the best,” Liberty junior Robert Ingersoll said. “I would recommend to others to play because it gives you an opportunity to relax from the stress of school and have some fun spending time with your brothers and sisters in Christ.”

According to the intramural sports website, playing on a team allows the students to grow individually and as a unit as they gain new friends. It is an outlet for people to take a break from their studies as they improve their own physical health.

“Liberty’s new facilities are amazing, and I love the constant changes they are making to improve and promote the experience,” Liberty junior Donnie Hoff said. “I’ve played intramural sports at Liberty for three years now. I have played indoor and outdoor soccer, coed indoor volleyball, basketball and softball.”

Barnhouse also participated in intramural sports as a college student, and that decision continues to benefit him.

“Intramural sports give the students a chance to get involved, get some exercise and meet new friends,” Barnhouse said. “It is a chance to go out and compete with your peers. Many of the people who I played intramural sports with 20 years ago in college are still my closest friends.”

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