Technology is the devil in disguise

As technology continues to develop, the level of education, knowledge and communication dwindles.

in a world where Facebook has 800 million active users, according to its website, it is easy to assume that people’s lives revolve around that media. Most of the millennial generation cannot go longer than five minutes before checking their cell phone, email or Facebook pages. Society, though, rarely stops to think about the consequences of this technological lifestyle. Technology changes how the world operates—how people communicate, learn and behave.

“Technology has done more harm than good,” Liberty University Communications Professor Bruce Kirk said. “We can’t resolve issues because of the lack of communication skills.”

Kirk said that 90 percent of the cues people receive are non-verbal, meaning that people react more to what they see, such as body language, tone, etc. and only 10 percent is verbal, referring to what the person actually said. People have to learn a new way to communicate online because nonverbal skills are limited if not extinct.

Verbal communication is not the only skill that suffers because of technology—grammar and writing abilities do as well.

“Technology has had a negative impact on my generation’s skills,” sophomore and English major Lauren Jackson said. “I can see it in their writing, how much its [technology] affected them. Some of the papers I edit look like second graders wrote it,” she said.

Kirk stated that this loss of communication skills may even hurt the millennial generation when it comes time to join the workforce. “I can’t tell you how many times I get professional emails from students, and they use texting acronyms throughout it,” Kirk said. It does not come off well and may damage the employer’s first impression of the applicant Kirk said.

Technology does more than change people’s communication. It changes how we learn and process information as well. So much is done through technology now. Teachers use smart boards, post grades online and have students interact by using their cell phones in class to answer questions. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The technology blessings that this generation enjoys can be easily turned into a curse if misused.

Technology changed how the world runs, in both good and bad ways. It is a double-edged sword, one that society today cannot live without. Technology infused itself with the means of how people communicate, learn and behave. The world continues to walk along a fine line with technology. However, one thing is certain. Civilization started this great balancing act with technology, and it will either walk the tight rope across or fall to the wayside.

Omar N. Bradley, a commander during WWII, once said, “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.”

Let this be a word to the wise.


  • Technological advances are providing the world with more information, knowledge, and ability than ever before in human history. Virtually anyone in any town across America can walk into a public library and access millions of books and intellectual resources free of charge (besides the taxes that fund the library, of course). This kind of democratic distribution of information is drastically increasing knowledge rather than causing intellect to “dwindle.”

    Writing that social networking causes poor communication skills is one thing, while inferring that declining intellect is the fault of technological advances as a whole is quite another.

  • Interesting article. I suggest finding and viewing the episode of “The Outer Limits” entitled “Stream of Consciousness”. I agree there needs to be balance between freely flowing information that requires no skill or effort to obtain and that which comes at some sort of a “price”.

  • Most people don’t have spiritual insight. They are just mortal and gullible.

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