Super Bowl champion addresses students

Former defensive linebacker Don Davis gives life success tips to crowd at Williams Stadium

Former Patriots defensive linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion Don Davis spoke at Liberty University’s Williams Stadium tower Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Up close — Pro football player Don Davis gives out autographs and takes pictures with students at an event hosted in Williams Stadium tower on Nov. 1. Photo credit: Bekah Lohr

The pro-football star mixed jokes and stories about his life to share his advice to students on how to overcome life fears and be successful for God. He elaborated on topics such as how to find self-identity, the effects of substance abuse and maintaining Christian principals in a non-Christian environment.

“Never put passions ahead of principals,” Davis said.

Davis’ speech mainly focused on what he calls the four C’s to achieving greatness — commitment, confidence, character and consistency.

Davis said American’s are growing up in a culture of fantasy, where commitment is rare. He also explained how students can gain confidence through recognizing who they are and who they are not and being okay with both of those.

Davis said consistency is a “long obedience in the same direction” and that being consistent will help students achieve their goals.

“Overnight success is a myth,” Davis said.

For his last C-word, Davis gave students three ways they can improve their character.

“You need to speak better, get a better group of friends and read some books,” Davis said.

He gave examples of the identity crisis he experienced from growing up in two different areas.

“I grew up in the city with folks that looked like me, then moved to the ‘burbs with folks that didn’t look like me,” Davis said.

The event was organized and put on by Liberty University’s Department of Psychology and Health Sciences Department. Psychology Department Chair Dr. Dan Logan met Davis five years earlier at an event in South Florida and was impressed with Davis’ decision to keep living a Christian life among non-believing friends and NFL team members.

“Davis is very easily approachable and always willing to do events like this one,” Logan said.

Davis’ two role models are Super Bowl winner Kurt Warner and legendary Indianapolis ex-head coach Tony Dungy, he said. According to Davis, Dungy mentored him and is a sincere believer and follower of Christ.

Davis said he is continuing to always mentor younger athletes as best as he can, even though it “gets overwhelming sometimes.”

Davis said he is very impressed with Liberty and though he doesn’t normally follow Liberty football, he will now.

“Liberty exceeded my expectations,” Davis said. “Everyone is very warm and kind hearted here.”

Logan co-hosted the event with Davis, keeping the question-and-answer time flowing smoothly by handing off the microphone from student to student. While answering a student’s question about Tom Brady’s faith, Davis said Brady feels as if there is something missing in his life.

After the speech and question-and-answer time, students received prizes given out by the Health Sciences Department. Davis was also given a Liberty University sweatshirt as a gift donated by the Liberty Bookstore.

All students were able to meet Davis and get his autograph and pictures taken with him. He even brought a Super Bowl ring and allowed guests to see it up close. Josh Matherlee, a sophomore biblical studies major at Liberty, said he really enjoyed getting to hear Davis speak.

“I loved what he said about the four C’s,” Matherlee said. “I even got to have him wear my Redskins hat, which was funny because in my town all the Redskins fans hate the Patriots and all the Patriots fans hate the Redskins.”

Matherlee said he hopes to see more of Davis and will keep up with him on Facebook.

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