Construction continues on new parking lots

Open spaces — The construction along University Boulevard will create more parking spaces and beautify the campus. Photo credit: Katherine Lacaze

Projects will create 200 new commuter and employee spaces and open up view of campus from Route 460

Liberty University is continuing its building and construction trend as work takes place on several sites on and around campus.

Construction of a new parking lot is taking place on the property beside the Extended Stay America on University Boulevard, where dirt is being moved and the ground is being leveled.

“The main goal of the project was to create 200 new commuter and employee parking spaces and also to open up the view of the campus by removing the underbrush and the ugly mounds of dirt on the property,” Spence said.

According to Spence, Chancellor Jerry Falwell has been looking at cleaning up the lot for several years.

“It took a lot of time to get it approved because some of the property was owned by the City of Lynchburg and some of the property was owned by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT),” Spence said. “We were able to purchase much of the property and obtain permission to improve the portions owned by others.”

The work done for the project has already begun to result in a clear view from Route 460 and Route 29.

“Additionally, the dirt was very useful, and cheaper, in constructing the new parking lot next to the School of Worship, also known as David’s Place,” Spence said.

According to Spence, the construction project by Extended Stay America, including the new parking lot, will be completed by graduation.

Another one of the sites where crews have been working is along the side of University Boulevard, across the street from the Liberty University practice football field and Williams Stadium. A collection of grey drainage pipes sits ready to be placed in the ground.

According to Charles Spence, Liberty’s director of planning and new construction, they will be used for drainage in that area.

The small lot next to the highway will soon become either green space for tailgating and student recreation or a parking lot, according to Falwell.

Work trucks were taking up parking spaces in nearby parking lots at designated times several days throughout the past week. Spence said that the maintenance department is installing some underground wiring for Christmas Lights at another site.

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