Duggars visit campus, challenge students

Super parents — Reality star parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar spoke to a packed Vines Center during convocation, challenging students to follow God no matter what the cost. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

TLC’s famous couple speak on living out their faith with “19 Kids and Counting”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, parents of 19 children and television personalities on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” visited Liberty University Oct. 5, speaking at convocation for staff and students.

The Duggars visited with their five oldest daughters, noting how impressed they were with the campus.

“We were here yesterday and today, and we were very impressed,” Michelle Duggar said. “This is amazing. We had no idea how big this university is.”

As the Duggars began to share their testimonies and exhort their audience, they took time to marvel at the university, with its great number of students.

“And we thought our family was large,” Michelle Duggar said, joking with the audience.

Living life with 19 children in front of a spotlight has its challenges, but according Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, their goal is to serve God.

“ We believe that the goal is not for everyone to have 19 kids but the goal is for every person to walk every day in the Word of God and to, with whatever amount of children you have, whether it’s one or 19, to train those children to love God and to serve Him,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “And TV has given us an opportunity to share all the principles and the things that have helped us in our lives. Hopefully this will encourage other people.”

To Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, reality television is not a source of income and fame, but a chance to share to share their faith with the world.

“When asked to have a reality show, we said we would be willing to do that as long as you don’t leave out our faith because our faith is the core of our lives,” Michelle Duggar said. “This is a family ministry, and we are sharing with the world that children are a gift from God.”

The Duggar family has realized that not everyone will agree with their philosophy or strong stance on Christian and family values and has chosen to stand unhindered.

“It really felt like we were just to give our reputation to God, to stick to what is right, to do what is right. And not worry about what other people think,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “We just do what’s right. Some people are going to love you. Some people are going to hate you.”

The Duggars use their show and website as a forum to proclaim God’s truth and to offer hope to those who may need a way out.

“Because we have Internet now, when people see us on TV, they can go to our website and find other resources such as Bible messages that have helped us in our lives,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “If people hear that children are a gift from God, maybe they’ll decide not to have an abortion.”

The Duggar family’s pro-life stance has already had an influence on the decisions of young women considering abortion.

“We’ve had many emails and letters from women who said they decided to keep their baby because of our message,” Jim Bob Duggar said.

The Duggar family gave a specific message to students, encouraging them to listen to God.

“Sometimes God will ask you to do things that aren’t logical, things way out of your comfort zone,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “Follow that still small voice. God will just impress on your spirit what to do. Don’t turn away from that. God will tell you what he wants you to do.”

After convocation, students visited with the Duggars to take pictures and buy copies of their book, “A Love that Multiplies.”

For more information about the Duggars, visit www.duggarfamily.com and watch “19 Kids and Counting” on the television network TLC.

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