Bible study seeks to answer essential question

“Do you love me?”

truthbetold — New Bible study seeks to help women deal with stress.

That’s the question Rebekah Gregory will seek to help girls answer this semester at truthbetold, a candid, honest women’s Bible study that strives to be a lot more than a feel good, self help session.

“My heartbeat is never that we have a Bible study that just makes us feel better about ourselves. While that may happen, that’s never my end goal. My end goal is that we love God better and that He gets more glory and that we become better Christians for His sake,” Gregory said. “This is not just a study about self-esteem. It’s truly a study of how we can love God better, and I think answers some of our deepest fears and answers them practically.”

As a student care officer, Gregory has seen hundreds of girls come into her office with any number of struggles and stresses. She says that she arrived at the theme of ‘Do You Love Me?’ because most of the issues that come before her boil down to one thing — uncertainty in God’s love.

“I think it’s a desperate question that people ask when times get hard. And times are always hard,” Gregory said. “I don’t think it matters how old you are, or where you come from, or what your family background is. Sometimes it’s just hard to believe that God really loves us. And when we stop believing it, it really affects our thoughts and behaviors.”

Each week of the semester long study, Gregory will tackle a specific, common fear that girls have. They include everything from fears about being unloved after having premarital sex to fears of being trapped in the party scene to issues of loneliness and depression.

“The series is basically about making love bigger than fear. I know that girls struggle with fear. And they don’t usually know that it’s fear because it comes out in insecurity, anxiousness, stress or desperation in their actions,” Gregory said. “And a lot of times what we’re afraid of is that God doesn’t really love us or that His love isn’t enough or that it’s not real. A lot of it is rooted in whether or not we’re really convinced of God’s love.”

Because of the new TR: SIX THIRTY service at Thomas Road and conflicting schedules with other campus Bible studies, this semester’s truthbetold will be held Thursday nights.

Gregory said that in addition to the day change, this semester’s truthbetold will also include a lot more community. After several requests by girls wanting to get to know others, Gregory will be adding an optional fellowship time at the end of the Bible study where girls can connect with others going through the same issues they are going through.

Gregory hopes that at the end of the semester, girls will be able to finally find their answer to the question of whether or not God’s love is enough.

“By tackling fear and letting love take its place, we’re at a place where that question is answered with a yes. And when God asks us the question of if we love Him, we can say yes,” Gregory said.

Truthbetold kicks off 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15. in the Towns Alumni Hall.

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