Students prepare for summer mission work

In addition to preparing for finals and graduation, many students are also getting ready for missions trips with Light Ministries.

Into all the world — As the spring semester comes to a close, Liberty students prepare to minister to others through evangelistic and humanitarian efforts. Photo provided

This summer, Liberty students and faculty will be going to five different regions around the globe to spread the gospel and be a light in some of the darkest of places.

Asia Minor

May 16 – 31
Only .03 percent of this region are Christians in a population of over 70 million.

The team of ten students and two leaders will help build a retreat center for national missionaries, assist in teaching English as a second language to college students, encourage local missionaries and be immersed into the Muslim culture .

“The (country) needs truth, and the Lord. Their government is not friendly toward Christians so the few that are there have a very hard time and suffer,” Team leader Rebekah Gregory said.


May 16 – 31
This is one of the Africa’s poorest states and almost two-thirds of the country is illiterate.
The team will engage in children’s sports ministry in a camp setting, as well as building relationships with locals.


May 16 – 31
In this primarily Hindu country, the team will be focusing on relationship building, Bible story telling, teaching English as a second language. They will also be exposed to the culture and roots of Hinduism. Primary religion is Hinduism.

Middle East

May 16 – 31
The team will be immersed in the Arab world and engage in construction and community outreach.

France/North Africa

May 16 – June 3
Students will serve Muslims in Europe, distribute literature and be exposed to the history and roots of Islam.

Southeast Asia

May 17- June 3
Relationship building and evangelism in a variety of settings, teaching English as a second language with university students.

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