Hillcats host Liberty night

On a pleasant April evening the Lynchburg Hillcats hosted the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. The Hillcats lost a tough game to the Pelicans 7-3, dropping their record to 1-5 on the season.

Despite the loss, it was a special night for the Hillcats. Not only was it their season home opener, but they also hosted their annual Liberty Night. Liberty University students had an opportunity to enjoy a free game and the fireworks afterwards.

With a perfect evening to play and watch baseball, there was a positive buzz in the atmosphere. As a single-A affiliate with Atlanta the Hilllcat game gave the fans and supporters of the team a first look at the talent under the Braves organization.

The Hillcats have been in association with Liberty since the 1980s, mainly due to the Falwell family.

“We have been in association with Liberty and the Falwells, so we always had a connection with Liberty,” Paul Sunwall, General Manager of the Hillcats said

Since that time, the Hillcats have made it their duty to become involved with the Lynchburg community.

“We attempt to reach out to local colleges around Lynchburg so that they (students) can see more of what the town has other than restaurants and other areas around town,” Sunwall said.

Liberty Night was originally made for incoming freshman students to help them get more connected with other students and the city of Lynchburg. Now this event has broadened to all students at the university. Moreover, the students have had a positive response to the Hillcats effort to include the community.

As the game began, an abundance of Liberty students took advantage of seeing a free game.

“We come to Liberty Night to see the future baseball players of tomorrow,” Jake Haven, a Liberty University student said.

Above all most of the student came to get away from the current stresses of school.

“Students come to this event because it is another great way to go off campus, to relax, and have a good time,” Amanda Jacobson of Student Activities said.

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