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Light Ministries (Light), a part of Liberty University’s Center for Global Ministries (CGM), offers students short-term missions trips each semester. According to the CGM website, Light has existed for the past 20 years, fulfilling more than 220 evangelistic campaigns and sharing the gospel with more than three million people. Since Light began, more than 7,000 students have helped to spread the gospel all over the world.

“As a part of the Center for Global Ministries (CGM), Light Ministries exists to give Liberty students an opportunity to experience missions firsthand on a short-term trip,” assistant director of Light Ryan Donald said.The purpose of this is to provide exposure to the needs overseas, specifically the need for Jesus Christ, as well as the opportunity to be involved in the work of missionaries throughout the world.”

Changing lives — During the trips students are introduced to the importance of reaching the nations.

Light works with students to prepare them for a future in missions of some aspect.

“Not only are we looking to positively impact the work of those we partner with, but we are also looking to mobilize our students to be passionate about making God known to the world,” Donald said. “Whether this means they will pursue full-time missions work themselves or invest in it as supporters, we desire that our students become lifelong participants in what God is doing throughout the nations.”

Each year, more than 200 students volunteer with Light. Light also has mission mentoring weekends called NextSteps for students who are going into missions full-time. Up to 80 students volunteer with the program.

“Light Ministries approaches support raising with a biblical focus on relationships with family, friend and the church,” Donald said. “It is important for volunteers to communicate the opportunity and challenge they have been given by God through letters, e-mails, phone calls, planned events, speaking in churches and emerging forms of communication such as Facebook.”

According to their website, in May Light will visit Asia Minor, Ethiopia, North Africa as well as other places.

“In general, there are several reasons why we will visit the same place on a regular basis,” Donald said. “One reason is because when a team goes back year after year to work with the same ministry, the ministry of one team builds upon the ministry of the teams before it.”

At the beginning of each fall semester, Light presents its trips for the upcoming year at a promotional meeting. Following the meeting, Light begins accepting applications at the Light Ministries in Dorm 17.

“First and foremost, the students who desire to volunteer with us for a short-term trip must be a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ,” Donald said. “In addition, they should be interested in serving others and willing to step out of their own comfort zone to serve Jesus.”

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