Coffee shop reopens

Jazzman’s receives needed updates

Students had to rely on their own coffee makers or other shops, while the DeMoss Hall location of Jazzman’s Café recently underwent extensive construction. Jazzman’s closed early Friday, Feb.18 as construction workers extended the wall that separates Jazzman’s storage and office area from the computer lab.

An improved Jazzman’s Café welcomed students back Feb. 21, Monday morning with a large, purple wall much larger than it was weeks prior.

“I was amazed at how fast they built the wall,” said Jazzman’s head manager, Keith Richardson.

Open for Business — Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery on the second floor of DeMoss Hall reopened this week after renovations. Photo Credit: Ashley Elia.

The storage area behind the registers and espresso machine was too small and caused employee “traffic like the (front counter) area,” said Richardson. Richardson credits Lee Beaumont, Director of Auxiliary Services, as the advocate for Jazzman’s expansion.

The new wall adds 25 square feet to the storage and office area. An office desk and a few crates of soda bottles occupy the majority of the new extra space. There is now room for two storage cabinets which create isles for easy access to cups, syrups, and other supplies. Richardson shared his vision for Jazzman’s Café to extend even further into the Computer Lab.

“Then we could open up an additional espresso machine and another line for students,” said Richardson.

Jazzman’s Café employees are especially excited about the new drainage system for the espresso machine. During my tour of the new storage and office area, Richardson opened a small cabinet under the espresso machine, revealing a new set of espresso drains where a bucket once stood.

“Before the construction, we had to empty a bucket by hand,” said Richardson.

This new espresso drain takes a constant and tedious task away from Jazzman’s Café workers, allowing them to serve customers more efficiently.

Jazzman’s Cafe is not the only dining area on campus that is getting attention from the Auxiliary Services Department.

“The Hangar and Founder’s Food Court are supposed to go under construction during the summer,” said Richardson.

The expansion improvement on the DeMoss Jazzman’s Café is both aesthetic and functional. The Auxiliary Services Department is working towards a better Jazzman’s Café for both its customers and employees.

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