There’s a Liberty app for that

School launches mobile phone application

Nowadays, it seems as though everything can be accessed on the go. From Facebook to movies, it is becoming increasingly possible for people to gain access to technology from anywhere. With myLibertyU, a new smart phone application, students have the opportunity to have Liberty in the palm of their hands, literally.

Gone Mobile — The new application makes for easy access to all things Liberty. Photo credit: Arielei Kinzer

“Liberty University wanted to provide relevant campus information and Blackboard (Bb) access at the fingertips of the student body,” customer relations manager for Information Technology (IT) communications Jessica Johnson said. “With the large online presence and residential student body, a mobile app would provide the ability to stay connected whenever and wherever they are. Users could have everything Liberty at their fingertips — they could find their way around campus, post on discussion boards and see what is happening around campus.”

According to the IT website, myLibertyU offers students access to news about things going on around Liberty, including sports, access to Bb, a campus map and many others.

“With access to Bb students are not chained to their desk,” Johnson said. “With the maps application, visitors and students will be able to easily find their way around campus and find places they are looking for. With the news, images, videos and athletics apps, users are able to stay up-to-date on all Liberty’s exciting happenings.”

Although Liberty is not the first university to have the app, the IT department is working to customize it.

“Several other universities have the app as it is provided by Bb,” Johnson said. “IT Development will be adding and creating custom built applets for the myLibertyU mobile app and these will be unique to the University.”

According to Johnson, most of the feedback she has received from students has been positive.

“When I heard about the Liberty app, I thought it was a great idea and immediately looked into it,” sophomore Shané Scott said. “I was disappointed to find out that I wouldn’t be able to download the Liberty app onto the iPod touch.”

MyLibertyU was made available for iPhone and Android in January. Users can download the app for free on iTunes and the Android market. The IT department plans to continue enhancing and adding features to myLibertyU, and it will be available for Blackberry phones soon, according to Johnson.

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