Summer term heats up with new changes

More sessions to be offered last two weeks in August

Liberty University’s 2011 Summer School program is gearing up to suit student’s needs with courses ranging from aviation to graphic design.

The university opened its summer session registration for 2011 on Jan. 31 and now offers a variety of summer options, both residential and online.

Changes in the summer session program seek to alter the courses to be more convenient for students, who can choose to earn their credits in week-long intensives or take courses lasting three to four weeks.

The most popular classes taken include general education courses like Bible, English, theology and biology.

“A lot more classes are scheduled for last two weeks in August for the students coming back early,” registration coordinator Wende Parker said. “We did go through and compare offerings. The ones that had more students were our high demand classes that we wanted to offer more.”

While the idea of having school work over the much-needed summer break dissuades some students, the benefits of taking summer courses are an ideal way to streamline student’s degrees.

Junior Amber Rogers explains that taking a summer course will give her an advantage going into the new school year.

“I plan on taking some courses in the summer so I can stay on track for graduation,” Rogers said. “I’m also taking the classes that are hard to get into so I don’t have to worry about it later.”

Students taking courses in the summer not only have the option of getting into a course before it fills up, but they can also earn the class credit for nearly half the price of normal tuition.

Undergraduate classes are only $310 per credit, and all credits are transferrable. For many, the summer semester is a perfect time to eliminate coursework that piles on during a busy semester.

“Although the classes I took were very challenging and an immense amount of work, I am so glad that I made the choice to take classes,” senior Elizabeth Armstrong said of her experience.

Courses are offered for nearly every major, even graduate and doctorate level courses can be taken.

“There is a little bit of everything for every degree,” Parker said.

With Liberty University’s ever-expanding online program, courses can be taken from wherever students decide to stay during the summer season.

Regardless of where they earn their degree, more and more students are tapping into the benefits of the summer semester.

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