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There is one week left until Valentine’s Day, which means the scramble for gifts and restaurant reservations has already begun for some people, while plenty of college students wait and pray for that lucky and affordable flash of inspiration for the perfect date. Here is a list of a few restaurants around the city that make great date spots any day of the year. Most of these restaurants were profiled last semester in “More ‘Burg For Your Buck,” and they were so good that they have made a reappearance for Valentine’s Day, along with a few newcomers.

The Drowsy Poet — Located in Candler’s Mountain Station shopping center, The Drowsy Poet is famous for their Milton Milkshakes.

The Classics

Neighbor’s Place

Neighbor’s Place is the perfect date spot, known or unknown. The food is spectacular, the ambiance is romantic and the background noise is quiet enough to get to know that special someone.

The Drowsy Poet

The Drowsy Poet, located in the Candler’s Station shopping center, and the man who runs it, Roy “Smiley” Ellis, are local legends. This coffee shop and lounge boasts an eclectic and quiet atmosphere where students can study, relax and hang out. Ellis also sets his prices with the restraints of a college budget in mind.

Sundae Grill

Sundae Grill’s vintage soda shop feel makes it a hot spot for students seeking something sweet. The menu leaves no ice cream flavor to the imagination, and the prices are just about as sweet as the desert itself.

China Super Buffet

Super is an accurate word to describe the selection this buffet features. Located in Waterlick Plaza on the intersection of Timberlake Road and Waterlick Road, the China Super Buffet is the largest Chinese buffet in the greater Lynchburg area, according the restaurant’s website. China Super Buffet also offers a sushi bar and American classics like macaroni and cheese.

Jade Palace

Located just off the Lynchburg Expressway on Timberlake Road, the restaurant certainly lives up to its name. With Chinese-style architecture and ornate golden dragons flanking its doors, this restaurant invites guests to partake in an authentic experience of Chinese food. Visit for more information.

Robin Alexander

Here is a date spot that is actually catering to people looking for a Valentine’s Day date spot. Robin Alexander, located in the heart of downtown Lynchburg, is hosting three nights of “Sweetheart Specials” on Feb. 11, 12 and 14. For more information, visit, or e-mail at

Vinny’s Italian Grill

Located on Timberlake Road, Vinny’s is not far from campus, but not overrun with college students. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, but the true gem of this restaurant is the pizza. Each slice is a piece of homemade pizza paradise.

Isabella’s Italian Trattoria

Located on Boonesboro Road, Isabella’s offers reservations and a traditional Italian atmosphere that is perfect for a first date. Visit their website at

New Places in the ‘Burg

StikFire Grill

StikFire Grill offers interesting cuisine choices in a comfortable, ambient atmosphere for anyone looking for a new place to eat. StikFire features many types of grilled meat and vegetable skewers, served with a wide variety of sides. Visit their website at for more information.

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