Nursing professor honored for service

There have been many individuals who have left behind a legacy at Liberty University. These individuals are recognized and honored for their sacrifice, friendship and dedication to the university. Dr. Hila Spear is being recognized as one of these individuals. She has been honored with receiving the prestigious award of Professor Emeritus, an award which recognizes Spear for her long and outstanding service to Liberty.

Spear has been a professor in the nursing department for 21 years, making many contributions.  She started the graduate nursing program and was the director of the program for 10 years. Spear played a major role in starting the masters program, developing and teaching courses and achieving the accreditation.  Spear also contributed to the development of the online nursing program.

“Hila [Spear] was in the second round of faculty hired to teach in the brand new nursing program. She paved the way developing the community health course and redesigning the research course,” Dr. Linda Miller, the nursing department’s first department chair, said. “We became much more than colleagues and have remained in touch over these many years.”

Miller later returned to Liberty as an online professor.

“Hila was my student, my colleague and friend, and then my boss,” Miller said. “She has been a blessing to me over these many years. God has used her at Liberty and in the profession of nursing.”

Spear received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Liberty University. She was among the first students in the program. She went on to receive her Master of Science in community health nursing from the University of Virginia, as well as her doctorate degree.

Besides her work at Liberty, Spear has also made a significant contribution to the field of nursing. She has written 80-100 articles ranging from nursing theory to many different topics related to children’s health issues. Many of these have been published in the Journal of Christian Nursing and other publications. Spear has also impacted the local community through her service with Centra Health, where she worked as their first nursing research consultant.

“Having her in the room brightens the atmosphere. She is bright, cheerful and funny without even knowing. God has used her at Liberty and in the profession of nursing. She has furthered the building of the kingdom for Christian nursing through her teaching, writing and testimony,” Miller said.

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  • I had the privilege of including one of Hila’s touching articles in my book, Verses for Nurses. In the course of acquiring permission to reprint her work, I found her to be a person of utmost academic integrity and personal character. She had a wonderful perspective on serving others through nursing and was one of the sparkling gems of her profession.

    Curtis Mosley

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