Creativity is ’mediumless’ at Riverviews Artspace

For All the world to see — Mediumless’s gallery will be open to the public through the next week.

Amid the snowfall of downtown Lynchburg, an art show was held at Riverviews Artspace Saturday night, featuring the work of three artists — junior Lauren Baker, senior John Gosslee and sophomore Jacob Siner — from Mediumless, a group of nine business-minded artists.

Mediumless seeks to provide clients with different forms of art to fulfill commercial production as well as contributing to the fine arts by displaying members’ work in galleries, venues and journals. Siner’s work consists of digital manipulations of photography, Baker’s colorfully edited photography from her two-week trip to Paris and Gosslee’s sketches were an accompaniment to a collection of original poems about the zodiacs.

“I like the colors,” sophomore Justen Hyland said about Baker’s photography. “I really like how (the pictures) are edited.”

Siner’s interest in graphic design and use of commercial advertisement stemmed from high school where he worked on the yearbook staff.

“I like to see something captivating and put it in a different light,” Siner said. “This is my first stand alone show, so a lot of this is just stuff I’ve collected ever since I’ve started teaching myself.”

Gosslee’s sketches are done by a method he developed that uses conté, compressed charcoal, and connected strokes forming representations of the constellations. Gosslee’s inspiration behind the sketches and book of poems was that he believed no one before him had succeeded in poetry about zodiacs.

“I like to do things that I want to do, not things that I have to do,” Gosslee said.

Baker’s photography series displayed vibrant colors reminiscent of candy in every day Parisian life. Her favorite photograph also happened to be of candy in Paris. She said this was not only due to her love of candy, but her love of color that involves a secret method she has for editing her photography.

“I see through the camera lens and I simplify life and idealize it. I really enjoy color obviously, but right now my photography is focusing on beautiful things,” Baker said. “I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Being able to look through the camera lens made it easier to understand and help slow down the whole process since I was only there for two weeks.”

The artists stood by their artwork and talked with attendants who tried their best to figure out any underlying artistic meaning was in the work.

Other members of Mediumless beside the featured artists were in attendance supporting and promoting the group. The show lasted from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and provided free refreshments as well as brochures and information on the artwork. According to Siner, the work should remain at Riverviews Artspace for at least a week.

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