With nine weeks behind football fans in NFL play, things have changed quite a bit from the preseason predictions.  There have been plenty of disappointments, several surprises and lots upset fantasy team owners.


Dallas Cowboys:  The Cowboys were one of the several teams that experts said would head to the Super Bowl.  The Cowboys will be watching the Super Bowl in their stadium, but chances are they won’t be watching it from the sidelines.  With a 1-7 record, the Cowboys have a very small chance of seeing the playoffs, especially with an injured Tony Romo.  They are making costly mistakes and not meshing as a team, even though they boast some of the most talented players in the NFL.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings were also a team that was projected to go far into the playoffs, but has produced only a 3-5 season. Quarterback Brett Favre, who has several ailments, has been lackluster this season, only completing 62 percent of his passes.  The Vikings have been stricken by injuries this season, especially with the recent problems with wide receiver Percy Harvin.


AFC South:  The entire AFC South has been a surprise to many NFL fans so far this season.  No one team is in control of the division as of yet.  The last team in the division, the Jacksonville Jaguars, has a record of 4-4 and is in no way out of the race. The Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning, who are first in the division, have performed well again this season with a 5-3 record.  The Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans have also surprised fans and experts alike with their winning records.

Michael Vick:  If anyone had said at the beginning of the season that quarterback Michael Vick would be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, they would have been laughed at.  Vick got his chance to start for week two when Kevin Kolb sustained a concussion during the season opener.  Vick started week three and four, but suffered a rib and chest injury during the week four game.  Vick was named the starting quarterback this week after recovering from his injury.

Fantasy Disappointments

Drew Brees: The Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees is still a good quarterback and no one can say otherwise.  But Brees has not delivered like most fantasy owners expected.

Matt Schaub: With the surprise of Arian Foster, Matt Schaub has a lot of pressure taken off of him and he has not produced the yardage that fantasy owners were expecting.  He has also been extremely prone to picks this season.

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