Forking leads to mischief on Halloween

Halloween is a time for dressing up as something you have thought about for the entire year just to show your friends wer you are.  As a kid my parents prohibited trick or treating because of the dangers it presented.

When I was older, I learned that their main concern was that a man lived in our neighborhood who was arrested for child molestation.  Their concern was much appreciated.

But as a child I had to find other ways to have fun at Halloween.

I used to attend a festival at my church every year until I was old enough to do my own thing, but that quickly gave me an opportunity to cause mischief.

From then on, my goal of getting as much candy as possible was changed to seeing how far I could push the limits.  The first Halloween where I was old enough to be alone consisted of my friends and I playing ding dong ditch with our teacher from math class.  It did not end well as the teacher saw us running away in all black and thought we were trying to rob him.

The police came and found us and quickly asked questions with a gun pointed at us.  You would think this one encounter would have stopped from such activity, but it did not.

During a later Halloween, a group of us went rolling and forking in a few random people’s yards and other means of vandalism. In case you don’t know what this means, rolling is otherwise known as toilet paper rolling, where we would cover houses with toilet paper, and forking would involve us sticking many plastic forks in people’s front yards.

In my late teens we thought it would be funny to take one of our friend’s cars using the spare key under the tire and hide it, but of course our friend decided to call the police and report it stolen before we could tell him it was a joke.  Basically, some kids no matter the age just want to cause trouble on Halloween.

The pros and cons of Halloween can differ between people, but I believe the main points are shared by most people.

The pros of Halloween are that kids are able to obtain large amounts of candy, as well as having a very fun time, and having everyone dress up as a character of some sort.  On the other side, however, the trick or treating that some kids partake in can be dangerous for kids going off on their own to various houses.

From personal experience, I understand that kids may or may not cause trouble on Halloween by performing various pranks.  To say whether Halloween is good or bad depends on the person and their personal background.

With all the experiences I have been through, I will probably not let any children I may someday have celebrate Halloween until they are at least 25.

HARRISON is a student at Liberty University and a contributing writer.

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