Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Olson (’18)

Jennifer Olson is the CEO and Founder of two businesses located in the heart of Downtown Lynchburg. “Mosaic Collective is a fair-trade shop that sells items made by vulnerable people around the world. Threaded Collective is a curated secondhand store. The ethos of both stores revolves around ethical fashion, advocating for fair trade, and empowering our shoppers to make responsible choices. As leaders in the sustainable movement, we provide a unique shopping experience that blends style, affordability, and a positive impact on the world”.

Jennifer Olson, CEO and Founder of Mosaic Collective and Threaded Collective.

After graduating from Liberty University in 2018 with a degree in Global Studies, Jenn had no intention of starting a business and has admitted to knowing very little at the start. Upon reflecting on her time at Liberty and the beginning of her business she shared that “professors from the Global Studies Department and the School of Business would sit down with me and coach me through the steps to keep going. It was so encouraging to hear from them and have them take time out of their day or after their workday to offer advice! That is one huge way Liberty impacted me in ways I did not expect.”.

When asked what her favorite memory was during her time on campus, Jenn shared a heartwarming story of a student body gathering together. “I [Jenn] am very passionate about raising awareness on different issues around the world. One of the greatest injustices in the world today is human trafficking and I knew a lot of students weren’t familiar with the gravity of it. I wanted to host an awareness event with survivors of human trafficking and nonprofits actively combating the issue. Through much perseverance, we were able to put this event together with survivors, nonprofits, and other businesses in the fight. The LU Serve Department helped put this event together and we had 500+ students attend. It was so cool to witness so many students come together to learn, pray, and take action.”.

Currently, the Olson family is firmly planted in Lynchburg through the founding of their business and investing in their community at church. Jennifer shared that she did not expect to stay in Lynchburg after graduating college but has seen the Lord’s hand over the work being done here in Lynchburg and beyond.

She continues to engage with Liberty University by attending events, continuing to educate the public, and supporting Liberty students. Both Mosaic Collective and Threaded Collective are located on Main Street in Downtown Lynchburg. Additionally, Mosaic Collective products can be found online and occasionally at various markets throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding areas.

These businesses are evidence that passion and purpose can and should be interwoven. Jennifer Olson is a determined leader in her field, a trailblazer when it comes to unique business strategy, and persistence in her work effort. Mosaic Collective, Threaded Collective, and those involved in their mission are impacting Lynchburg through education, outreach, and a fun, unique shopping experience. There is more to come from Jennifer and these companies. If you are ever back in Lynchburg to visit campus, check out her store in downtown Lynchburg as well.

Mosaic Collective and Threaded Collective Store Front in Downtown Lynchburg.