Champion for Christ – Rachel Day Hughes

Rachel Day Hughes graduated from Liberty in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre performance. Her most recent accomplishment is starring in a Christmas film titled “I Heard the Bells”. The film tells the story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the poet who wrote the famous Christmas poem, “I Heard the Bells.” This story takes place during the Civil War and shows how Henry’s family stayed faithful during the bloody war.  Rachel plays Fanny Longfellow, Henry’s devoted wife. When asked about her role as Fanny Longfellow, Rachel described her as, “an incredible woman and a bit of a lost historical figure. She was a writer, an artist, and a world-traveler. But she was also a deeply spiritual person who communed with God daily and wrote it all down.”


Rachel’s career in performance and film was kicked off at Liberty University. Her skills in acting and storytelling were refined at our own School of Communications and the Arts.  Rachel thanks Associate Professor Chris Nelson from the Theatre Department. Chris Nelson encouraged Rachel to stick to a career in acting, giving her the confidence to continue in her field. Rachel met her husband, Caleb, during her time at Liberty and says that he, “has been [God’s] biggest blessing to me personally.” God opened and closed the right doors for Rachel as she pursued her career goals and gave her the strength to raise a family as well.“It’s my hope that I will always bring honor to [God] with each show or movie that He allows me to do.”


“I Heard the Bells” is playing nationwide now. For showtimes at your theater, visit In the new year, it can be found at and on DVD for purchase at