QBOT rewards dining

Liberty University has recently introduced a rewards app that allows students to keep a virtual punch card to earn free drinks and food at restaurants on campus.

According to QBOT’s website, the app works similarly to your standard punch card of any loyalty program, but includes a few extra benefits.

The user can search for participating locations by city or category. The next step is to “love” a merchant, which earns an automatic reward.

“I downloaded it because I love innovation,” freshman Anna Schlueter said. “QBOT created a new way of expanding the term ‘coupon.’”

By selecting Lynchburg, Va., students can see that the participating restaurants on campus are Brioche Dorée, Dunkin’ Donuts, Flames Zone, Pizza Hut Express and the Sub Connection in DeMoss Hall.

According to the website, the app was created in 2012.

“QBOT is specifically designed for you, the merchant, with one goal in mind, and that’s to keep your customers coming back,” QBOT’s website states.

QBOT’s instructional video to potential clients says that the “love” feature is offered as a way of reeling the customer into the merchant’s location and opening the door to future loyalty purchases.

“The QBOT app encourages me to try products that I never would have tried before,” Schlueter said.

By “loving” a business, the customer has given them permission to send emails and push notifications, according to QBOT’s website.

When a customer purchases an item, they may scan the QBOT QR code displayed in the business. This earns them a punch, which QBOT calls a “loyalty scan.”

Rewards can be redeemed by punch amounts of two, four and six. A customer may cash in the two punches they saved up, or they can continue collecting in order to accumulate six for a higher-priced reward.

The QBOT app tracks your savings in dollar amount and allows you to earn badges.

“Its very basic format makes it easy and fast to use, perfect for running on a budget and a schedule,” Schlueter said. “I will continue to use it, because I can’t wait to see what other coupons and promotions it will add.”

For more information on QBOT, visit qbot.com.

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