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With only finals left to conquer in what has turned out to be the craziest semester of my college career, I cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief. Between all the late nights and early mornings finishing up assignments and countless hours spent in the Liberty Champion office, 2014 has been a year of busyness, to say the least.

But even in the midst of the organized chaos that has been the story of my semester, I also find myself surprised by how quickly this year that I once could not wait to be done with has passed.

Now, with my junior year nearly behind me, I wish I could do the 2013-2014 school year all over again. Sure, I could do without some of the homework and stress, but without the experiences of this year, I would definitely not be the same person.


Without this year, my mind would be void of all the knowledge I gained as a journalism student and copy editor with the Liberty Champion. Without this year, my portfolio would be significantly thinner, and I would be confined to my comfortable area of sports writing. But, most importantly, without this year, I would not have all the relationships I built with my Champion staff family.

Although most of my relationships with my newsroom friends will undoubtedly change as they graduate, this year I have spent with them has definitely been the best in all three of my years at Liberty. Without these relationships, I would never have experienced all the laughs and fun, and I would not have grown in the ways I have as a journalist. They, along with our advisor, Mrs. Huff, have helped to shape me into a better writer and have helped to prepare me to move out of my copy editing mode and into this new position as editor-in-chief.

As I prepare to take on this new challenge and role, I can only hope that our new staff can continue to serve our readers as well as this year’s staff has. While I know there will definitely be bumps along the road and that it takes a ton of hard work and dedication to produce the best newspaper possible, as I have already begun to learn, I am so excited to see what God has in store for next year. I cannot wait to step into this new opportunity for even more growth, and I cannot wait to work together with a capable new staff to produce the best version of the Liberty Champion
we can.

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