The British are coming

Coffeehouse takes on a foreign theme

In honor of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles emergence in America, the theme for this year’s spring Coffeehouse is British Invasion. Coffeehouse is hosted by Liberty University’s Student Activities (SA) and will take place Saturday, March 29 at 11:30 p.m..

Tryouts for the British-themed show will take place March 3-7 at 5-10 p.m. in the Tilley Student Center.

Tryouts are held each semester for a week, and auditions help SA put together a show that includes variety and allows SA to pick acts that best fit the theme of the show.

To help inspire students when auditioning, SA provides a list of movies, TV shows and music that fit the theme. This year’s list features bands like Pink Floyd, Muse, Oasis and The Beatles. TV shows on the list include “Dr. Who” and “S Club 7,” and movies such as “James Bond” and “The Princess Bride” can also provide inspiration, according to the list.

Coffeehouse provides an opportunity for students to show their talents to their peers and Liberty faculty, according to Stephanie Ward, associate director of SA.

“Each year, our spring Coffeehouse theme is different,” Ward said. “That alone makes the show completely new to prior years. We work hard to cater our acts, videos and decorations to the theme, which allows for us to create variety from year to year.”

Because there is a new theme for each Coffeehouse, which is held once a semester, students can look forward to a show that is unique. All kinds of acts, ranging from singing to dancing, are performed during Coffeehouse. Students are also encouraged to submit any videos that are funny and entertaining and that go along with the theme.

“We get a lot of bands and dance groups that try out, which is great for our theme,” Ward said. “However, we encourage students or groups to try out with unique talents that still fit within our theme.”

Tickets for general admission are $3 in advance and can be purchased online at or at the Vines Center Box Office. For more information about spring Coffeehouse, visit

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