SGA holds club fair for students

The Student Government Association helps to promote the 22 clubs that are currently available on campus

A club fair held by the Student Government Association (SGA) began Monday, Feb. 24 and will continue through Tuesday, Feb. 25 in the back hallway of DeMoss Hall. This event was created to promote the different types of clubs on campus available for the students.

Celeste Martin, SGA Clubs Committee chair, said the club fair is usually only held in the fall, but this year they decided to hold it in the spring as well.

JOIN — Tables line the DeMoss hallway promoting clubs. Courtney Russo

JOIN — Tables line the DeMoss hallway promoting clubs. Photo credit: Courtney Russo

“(P)eople transfer in the middle of the year, (and) there wasn’t enough publicity about it in the fall,” Martin said.

The club fair is hosting groups such as Freedom 4/24, Pre-Law Society, criminal justice and many more. In total, the club fair is hoping to have around 22 clubs promote themselves.

“The tables will be set up from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,”
Martin said.
She encouraged the students to take a look at the club fair and to find something interesting.

“College is a unique time in your life when you can be involved with things like the Japanese Culture Club,” Martin said. “When else in your life can you casually be involved with and learn about that?”

According to Martin, there is a club for nearly any interest.

“Just walk through the back hallway,” Martin said. “Just take a look at the whole list of clubs on the SGA website. I would challenge a student to not see something that piques their interest.”

Although only 22 clubs are being promoted, there are many more that students can get involved with, according to Martin.

“There are close to 90 official SGA clubs,” she said.

Martin said the full list of clubs is on the SGA page on the Liberty University website, and for more information about the club fair or SGA, students can email SGA at

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