Rose: Taking a stand

A heartbeat is one of the first evidences of a baby’s life, one of the first things a doctor will look for on the ultrasound, according to Parents magazine.

Rose Initiative, a pro-life organization based out of Lynchburg, Va., is drawing attention to the importance of a heartbeat through due date bracelets.

Reclaim— Rose Initiative recently began the sale of bracelets that help support the pro-life mission. Photo provided

Reclaim— Rose Initiative recently began the sale of bracelets that help support the pro-life mission. Photo provided

“(The bracelets) have actual due dates of mothers who have chosen life,” Hillary Kline, associate staff member at Rose Initiative, said. “It connects you with the mother in a personal way.”

While Rose does support mothers internationally and across the U.S., the money from these bracelets will support the mothers at the Liberty Godparent Home.

“We are immensely blessed to partner with the Godparent Home,” Kline said. “It is an honor and a privilege to spend time with them and hear their story.”

The Rose Initiative has extended the opportunity to support these mothers through selling bracelets on Liberty’s campus.

“It is campus’s opportunity to be a part of the redemptive story that is unfolding and taking place in their lives,” Kline said.

The bracelet sale is only one of the ways to support Rose, according to Kline. Students can be supportive through prayer and can raise awareness through social media, which helps reflect Rose’s mission.

According to the Rose Initiative’s mission statement, the organization is “a movement on mission to unite, reclaim and celebrate the sacred gift of life through the gospel of Jesus Christ,” This mission is so important because of the impact abortion has had on culture, according to Kline.

“Abortion is so prevalent, and we feel like we can’t talk about it,” Kline said. “It is abstract and distant, it is an overwhelming issue … but he is God despite all these things. This is what Rose is about — Christ and his story.”

Through Rose’s website, young women can find the beginning steps of support and encouragement they need. The initiative’s website presents the message of Christ’s hope and the healing he can bring.

“We aim to reclaim our sacred existence one day at a time,” says.

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