From the surf to the stage

Student Activities will host a Switchfoot concert featuring songs from “Fading West”

creative — The grammy-winning band used their surfing trip around the world for inspiration. Photo provided

Creative — The grammy-winning band used their surfing trip around the world for inspiration. Photo provided

The members of the band Switchfoot have always felt at home in the ocean. Whether they are exploring the oceans near their hometown of San Diego or places like New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, the surfing lifestyle has always been a large part of Switchfoot’s identity as a band.

Liberty University students will have the chance to hear the Grammy-winning band perform some of their surfing lifestyle-inspired songs from their ninth and newest album, “Fading West,” in a Liberty Student Activities-run concert at Thomas Road Baptist Church Friday, Feb. 21 at 8 p.m.

“We worked for about two years on this project, making the album and the film ‘Fading West,’” Switchfoot drummer Chad Butler said. “It is incredible to finally have both of these projects see the light of day, and now that the tour is starting, we can’t wait to play all of these songs live.”

The movie “Fading West,” which was released in the fall of 2013, follows the members of Switchfoot and their journey to some of their favorite surfing spots from around the world. According to Butler, the adventure also fueled the band’s musical creativity, which inspired many of the songs on the new album that was released Jan. 14, 2014.

“We went to four or five different locations around the globe … and just found that in those elements, in the new environments, we were chasing not only waves but new songs and new sounds,” Butler said.

In addition to hearing new music, Butler said Switchfoot fans at Liberty should be prepared for an extra surprise if they attend the Student Activities concert.

“I think this will be one for the record books,” Butler said. “… Without giving too much away, get ready for lasers.”

Tickets for the concert, which will also feature the Kopecky Family Band, are available for purchase at or at the Vines Center Box Office.

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