“The Big Five”

Liberty University’s Theatre Department opened the spring semester with the introduction of five big shows “Little Women,” “The Rivals,” “Mary Poppins,” “Kindertransports” and “As You Like It.”

Two of the five plays this semester will be Alluvion Stage Productions, which include professional actors as well as senior theatre students, according to Linda Cooper, the chair and associate professor in the Theatre Arts Department. Familiar faces and Liberty theatre veterans Timmy Williamson, Sarah Seaman, Natalie Cleek and Kelly Overmyer are a few of the actors and actresses featured this semester.

Most of these productions will be held in the Tower Theater located on Liberty’s campus. The first show, “Kindertransport,” will begin Thursday, Jan. 30. The play, which will be produced by Liberty University, Alluvion Stage Company and the Academy of Fine Arts who will be presented at the Warehouse Theater in downtown Lynchburg, according to Cooper, is the director of the play. The production is based on historical facts and will tell the surrounding events of the Holocaust during World War II.

“This is a play that does a great job in storytelling about a historic event that many people may not know occurred,” Cooper said.

Another production that will not be performed on Liberty’s main stage is “As You Like It,” directed by Scott Hayes. The play will premiere in the Hancock Welcome Center. According to Cooper, the audience will be entertained without being confined to a seat.

“I believe the audience will have fun at this one,” Cooper said. “Faculty and staff as well as students should enjoy it.”

According to Cooper, the first show to premiere at the Tower Theater is “Little Women,” directed by Christopher Nelson. It is based on the novel written by Louisa May Alcott, which tells the wartime story of the March sisters. A live orchestra will provide the music as the audience goes on a journey through the past. The play will begin in the middle of February and run through early March.

Neal Brasher will direct the next show, “The Rivals,” which is a tale set in 18th century England that portrays how the desires of the heart seemingly change from the start to the end of life, according to Cooper.

A classic musical Liberty will be performing in April and May is “Mary Poppins,” one of the two Alluvion Stage Company productions. This show will be the largest production, according to Cooper. A live orchestra directed by Cooper will accompany the show, and according to Cooper, a surprise cast for “Mary Poppins” will be announced later this month.

“This semester, the audience will see five completely different styles of directing, eras and a variety of performers,” Cooper said. “Each show is trying something innovative. All five stories are extremely strong in storytelling, and it will be great.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Liberty University’s Tower Theater webpage or call 434-582-7328.

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