Student Activities hosts comedian Michael, Jr.

Student Activities (SA) provided some comedic relief for students by hosting comedian Michael Jr. Saturday, Nov. 7 in the Schilling Center.

Michael Jr. has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” “ Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and CNN. His uncanny ability to draw a crowd in with his clean humor is what has made him successful, according to SA worker Emily Forner.

During his performance at Liberty, students enjoyed jokes and different acts that Michael Jr. utilizes in order to spread the gospel.

“I am a comedian because I believe in furthering the heavenly kingdom, and I believe that finding a common ground through laughter is a great way to do that,” Michael Jr. said.

Michael Jr. told students and audiences an array of jokes about different things going on in our culture today, explained his beliefs on certain situations and  presented the gospel message.

Stacey Phillips, a junior intercultural studies major, attended the event because she was excited about seeing the comedian live.

“I have followed Michael Jr. for awhile and have seen several of his performances on YouTube and on TV,” Phillips said. “However, seeing him live was even better. He makes you laugh the entire time and shares humor that is honoring to God. I respect that”

Phillips’ friend, Seth Taylor, attended the event because he was also interested in seeing Michael Jr. perform live.

“I have never seen anybody use humor as a means to reach others with the gospel message of Christ,” Taylor said. “I really hope Liberty invites him back, because I think everybody in the audience really enjoyed his performance.”

Liberty freshman Haley Stewart was impressed with the fact that Liberty had such a well-known comedian come and speak.

“This is my first semester at Liberty, and I have been overwhelmed with how many great people come visit here,” Stewart said. “I have truly enjoyed this evening.”

According to SA, this was the first time Michael Jr. has come to Liberty, and they were honored to have the opportunity to host him.

SA hosts various activities for students throughout the semester in order to provide fun in the midst of rigorous coursework.

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