Souls ‘Awaken’

All female ministry leads people to Christ

Awaken is a Liberty University ministry team that encourages fellow believers both at home and across the country. But what sets this group apart from other teams at Liberty is the fact that it is comprised solely of young women.
According to, Awaken is a team that specializes in ministering to women and teenage girls. The team’s goal is to “help bring young women to a deeper relationship with their creator.”

One way the team works toward this goal is by being a regular part of the women’s ministry at Thomas Road Baptist Church. Awaken has the opportunity to lead worship during the TRBC’s women’s weekly devotion Coffee Break, according to

Awaken also encourages teenage girls by participating in conferences, which usually take place twice a month. According to Lakresha Chennis, the band leader of Awaken, most of the time, the team members touch lives through worship or giving their testimonies. Additionally, they are often given the opportunity to speak on “identity” topics that young girls typically struggle with, such as relationships and purpose.

Chennis is a senior at Liberty studying religion. With her major and her passion for counseling and teaching, she wants to teach the Old Testament specifically to women. Along with the responsibilities of her major and of band leader, Chennis also sings and plays the acoustic guitar with the team.

“It’s been a blessing and a light to be a part of this team,” Chennis said. “The highlight of the week for me is (working with) Awaken.”

Chennis’ love for this team comes, in part, from the time they spend in prayer before each practice and from the women’s Bible study in which each member is involved. They also recognize and accept one another as family members, according to Chennis, and this bond promotes growth within the group.

“I’ve experienced the most growth at Liberty with Awaken,” Chennis said. “Last year was a challenge musically, and now I’m on leadership, and I’m learning what type of leader I am.”
According to Chennis, being a part of Awaken has helped her to make the decision to incorporate worship wherever she is called after college.

“Wherever the Lord has me teaching, I can do worship,” Chennis said.

And wherever her calling is, Chennis is prepared for God’s plan for her life.

“The Lord has always directed my steps and prepared me for the next step,” Chennis said. “Whether through music, speaking or teaching, He has put women on my heart. It is why God has called me, not where God has called me. It is solely to glorify Him and to be a vessel.”

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