Hot and Cold Café offers Indian options

Owned and operated by Uday Muhkerjee, the restuarant’s success is solely attributed to God’s influence

The Hot and Cold Café, located in downtown Lynchburg, provides unique food options and a homey atmosphere to visitors.

Owned and operated by Uday Muhkerjee, Hot and Cold Café has been serving the Lynchburg area as the exclusive Indian-Mediterranean fusion restaurant since 2007. The restaurant is located at 205 Ninth Street, between Main and Church Streets.

OWNER — Muhkerjee specializes in organic dishes. Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

OWNER — Muhkerjee specializes in organic dishes. Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

Muhkerjee moved to New York from India in 2000, then down to Lynchburg in 2002 where he continued working in the restaurant business. In February 2007, he and his wife, who helps with the logistical side of the restaurant operation, took over the Ninth Street Mediterranean Deli and turned the restaurant into what it is today.

“Virginia is for lovers, so I got my love here, and this is where I settled,” Muhkerjee said about his wife.

The restaurant is small in size but boasts an impressive menu of Indian and Mediterranean food, as well as an environment that makes visitors feel welcome, according to Muhkerjee.

The menu features a number of culturally traditional meals that include gyros, pita and hummus, falafels and a variety of curry dishes. After the main course, customers can enjoy Indian and Mediterranean desserts that include baklava and rice pudding, among other items. And according to Muhkerjee, when customers visit on their birthday or for the first time, he treats them to a free dessert.

WELCOME — The Hot and Cold Café opened in 2007. Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

WELCOME — The Hot and Cold Café opened in 2007. Photo credit: Hannah Lipscomb

“My specialty is that I don’t use any artificial color, flavor or anything,” Muhkerjee said. “Everything is natural and organic.”

Although he is a vegetarian, Muhkerjee said that some of his most popular dishes include chicken, lamb and goat that he prepares in-house.

Hot and Cold Café offers a daily buffet that costs $7.99 between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and is $8.99 from 12-2:30 p.m. Saturday.

“The customers always like my lunch buffet because of the good quality and affordable price,” Muhkerjee said. “There are no other buffets around here that offer this kind of food.”
According to Muhkerjee, he strives to show good service, and he makes an effort to get to know each one of his customers.

“Everything I make, I try to make for the customers’ satisfaction, not my own,” Muhkerjee said.

Hot and Cold Cafe is rated No. 6 among 237 Lynchburg restaurants, according to The rating system takes into account food, service, value and atmosphere. The cafe scored well above average in all of these categories in many reviews. Special pricing is also available for takeout and children under 8.

For more information on Hot and Cold Café, visit or call (434)-846-4976.

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