CFAW draws big crowd

Guests experience an exciting weekend of football, Crowder and “Duck Dynasty”

Nearly 2,000 prospective students and their families converged on Liberty University’s campus Sept. 26 to experience campus life at College for a Weekend (CFAW), according to Ericka Morris, recruitment event coordinator.

This CFAW differed from those in previous years as the Hancock Welcome Center was adorned with towering bundles of six-foot-wide helium balloons while the Liberty Jazz Ensemble provided entertainment during check-in Thursday, Sept. 26, according to Morris.

REALITY — Robertson responds to applause as he enters the Vines Center. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

REALITY — Robertson responds to applause as he enters the Vines Center. Photo credit: Ruth Bibby

“We’ve been able to streamline a lot of things,” Morris said. “It’s definitely been very smooth, and our numbers have proven that it’s been successful.”
Morris gave insight into the success of the weekend.

“Well, let’s just say that it’s not official yet, but it looks like we have hit a historic record as far as application collection has gone,” Morris said. “We’ve pretty much doubled our last record.”

According to a CFAW results report dispersed by Morris in April 2013, the number of applications received during that CFAW exceeded 400.

For the entire weekend, students and their parents were able to participate in various activities, including attending Convocation, meeting faculty and staff, and meeting Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. and other Liberty executives, according to the weekend itinerary provided to CFAW guests.

Jon Greeson, high school senior from Raleigh, N.C., was a CFAW student in attendance at Convocation Friday where Willie Robertson of A&E’s hit television series, “Duck Dynasty,” spoke.

“It was kind of cool to see how Liberty has so much prestige and is able to get celebrities to come in and speak,” Greeson said.

According to Greeson, who hopes to become an audio engineer, he was impressed with the ministry teams offered at Liberty.

“I’ve done a lot of live sound, and so (ministry teams) are a great opportunity to be able to get into that,” Greeson said.

Greeson said he planned on auditioning for the ministry teams during his visit.

While approximately 2,000 guests mixed in with a population of more than 12,000 at Liberty, college junior Amanda Bardy said she believes the inconvenience is worthwhile.

“I came for CFAW my senior year of high school, and it completely sealed the deal on my desire to attend Liberty University,” Bardy said. “I feel like these weekends where the campus is flooded with thousands of visitors are so vital for the growth of our school and growth of God’s kingdom.”

Morris said she is satisfied with the outcome of the weekend but is prepared to get to work once again.

“Time to get ready for CFAW in November,” Morris said.

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