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The Office of Student Leadership (OSL) has enacted changes in the titles of several leadership positions that have elicited many different responses among the students on campus.
According to the OSL website, replacing the old titles of spiritual life director (SLD) and prayer leader (PL) are spiritual life coach (SLC) and prayer and life group leader (PLGL).

Will Crabtree, an office assistant in the OSL and current resident assistant, stated that the change in terms was focused on clarification of general responsibilities, and that the positions otherwise remain the same as last semester.

Crabtree also shared that, while no individual or direct concerns led to it, this title change will reduce general confusion among new students and College for a Weekend (CFAW) visitors. Prospective students and parents frequently ask about the duties and reasons for the lower leadership positions, and the OSL is hopeful this change will reduce misunderstandings.

“I’m very happy with the changes,” Administrative Assistant Korie Honaker said. “Upper leaders, we respect them so much. We understand that their heart was in this. Prayer was in this. We know they really sought out the Lord with these changes.”

Sophomore Tim Kjellman said he had a different opinion on the issue.

“It’s not necessary to change something so menial when everyone’s already used to it,” Kjellman said. “Instead of changing the names, (they) should change the training and requirements.”

Kjellman said he does not think he is alone in his view and feels he represents the majority opinion.

Honaker said that the OSL predicted initial resistance to the change, but expects that students will more or less grow to accept the differences. She also explained that many of the titles add to clarification.

“It made more sense because rather than directing the student, we’re right alongside of them, helping them along like a coach,” Honaker said. “We’re not just praying for and with the student — we’re also doing life
with them.”

Crabtree said that the OSL expects the resistance to fade
over time.

“Just like when they changed Campus North to Green Hall,” Crabtree said. “You still have people calling it Campus North, but for the most part, (Green Hall has) become the new name. It’s begun to stick. Especially as new people come in, that’ll be the name they’re familiar with.”

According to both Honaker and Crabtree, higher student leadership positions such as resident director and resident assistant will remain the same.

“I think for the time being everything is pretty settled,” Honaker said. “Everything is where it’s supposed to be right now.”

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